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Chin Hsi Kendo Hall

Data:Dec. 14, 2016
Place:Chin Hsi Junior High School

Chin Hsi Kendo Hall established in March 30, 1992 is the only kendo hall set up by the government administration due to that County Mayor Hsu Hung-chih promised to set up a kendo hall near Chin Hsi Junior High School for kendo teaching when he knew that Taoyuan County Kendo Team won the national championship.
On the day of visiting the hall, we could see the big plaque hanging at the door reading “glory”, which was given to Dr. Hsu by the 24 national team players, congratulating him on the brilliant record of twenty-time Trophy in National Games of Taiwan.

Then, coming into sight is Chin Hsi Kendo Team’s practicing, the members of which in kendo uniform are holding bamboo swords and shouting. We all can feel the must-win force that every swordsman has. Coach Liu told us that besides kendo movements, the shouting can disrupt opponent’s mind. When the kendo coach saw us imitating the players’ action, he encouraged us to wave the sword on trial. And we found the bamboo sword was not so easy to use, which made us almost come to fall down. With the sword in hand, hand-eye coordination and step-by-step movement are required to match the rhythm of bamboo swords. The coach encouraged us to try to practice more, and then we are able to wave the bamboo sword with high proficiency like those students of Kendo Club.

Kendo Hall has been established so far for more than twenty years, the floor of which has been partially repaired several times with old and new wood flooring interspersed, and you can see the historical trace. During the visiting, in addition to the coach’s guiding and the sound made by the players’’ strike, you could occasionally hear the sound made by the wooden floor. In 2015, Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan and Director-general of Taoyuan Education Bureau also personally arrived in Chin His Kendo Hall to look over the conditions of use, and later made a commitment to help update the wood floor, so that students can learn in a much safer environment. After our visit, the renovation of the floor is going to be started. By then, all the players will have a new and comfortable space to practice.

Reference: Department of Public Information

Liu Yuy-uan

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