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Kendo Club of Tong-De

Data:Dec. 1, 2016
Place:the back hallway of Tong-De Elementary School

Kendo Club of Tong-De is led by P.E. teacher Chiu Chi-yang. Due to limited school space, students have to practice on the floor made of terrazzo in the back hallway, and they all practice in shoes instead of barefoot which traditional kendo is done. People formally practice kendo at a dojo with a wooden floor area which can absorb the strength of the forward sprint to avoid the foot injury.

There are twenty students this semester. They don’t have to wear kendo clothing in every class, because those little players currently only practice the basic technique. Wearing protective equipment which weighs a lot and takes time will affect students’ practice. But, If you go to the kendo dojo to practice, wearing a kendo uniform is recommended, which is representative of etiquette, showing respect for this sport. Coach Qiu guides students to hold the bamboo sword, which of the weight is lighter than they imagined, but it’s not easy to waving by two hand. In addition, the protective gear is too heavy. If students wear protective gear to the game, it may be really difficult to jump up. With such an experience, we know more about Kendo that this activity is much needed to practice through time, in order to become the comics character “little swordsmen” who can attack opponents with spectacular technique.


Chiu Chi-yang

Tong De Elementary School