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Date:Dec. 16, 2016
Place:Taoyuan Kendo Story House

What is your impression of Dr. Hsu Heng-hsiung?

For the family, he is my brother with a strong sense of justice. Whenever something bad happened to our family, he would always take the initiative to offer help. My daughter described him in particular as a honest and kind man at his funeral. My brother argued forcefully with reason if he encountered something unconscionable. He never backed off when facing powerful opponents, and furthermore he would firmly keep moving steadily forward in his ways.

Have you ever practiced kendo?

I was engaged in kendo for a while during my elementary school years and then stopped practicing, while my brother continued his love for kendo, never stopped practicing due to study stress. Moreover, when he was studying at Taipei Medical University, he founded the first kendo club and served as Head of the club, leading people who love kendo to learn together.

After visiting the Story House, we found that in addition to kendo Dr. Hsu was also expert in basketball and keeping animals. Do you know whether those interests affected his willingness to keep learning kendo?

It should be said that he was practicing them at the same time, and did not give up kendo. Even he also combined different sports or life experience with kendo so that learning kendo became more different. I still remembered that when he quitted his job and came back home for family, he integrated kendo into his daily life. There was a TV in the clinic, and my brother would show those players the kendo video recorded by himself, and analyzed opponent's moves. From this it can be seen that his other interests was to help him and did not hinder him from learning Kendo.

Kendo Team often practiced on the top floor of Yin-Ko Hospital at that time. Have you ever met them?Would it cause you trouble?

Remembering then that I was running my dental office visits on the second floor, I didn’t hear any sounds they made. But when I took the elevator, I saw a group of young people wearing kendo uniform. At first I was a little bit not accustomed to their presence, and later gradually accepted them.

What do you think of kendo?

Kendo is a great sport. I think it enables you to gain increased strength, bringing your strength into full play. When I see the player who has massive bruises spreading across his body after the game is over, he will not complain about the pain, even there is a match the next day, still continuing to play with his protective gear. So I believed kendo is a great training of athletes’ physical force and mental state.



Mr. Hsu

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