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Date:Dec. 20, 2016
Place:Teacher Center of Tong-De Elementary School

There are many types of sports. Why do you choose kendo?

During attending Da-Chu Junior High School, I often heard the sound made by the strikes when the raising flag ceremony was held every morning. With the curiosity and the invitation of the classmates, I joined the kendo club and has been practicing until now. At present I was 3-den player identified by IKF.

What is your current job? Is your job related to kendo?

I’m now served as a teacher in Tong-De Elementary School. I assist with the kendo training in Ching Mei Kendo Promotion Center every Saturday and sometimes go to Sheng Yeh Kendo Hall guiding junior trainees in the evening.

In the process of practicing kendo, did you ever want to quit kendo when difficulties were encountered?

Of course, I encountered difficulties and frustrations, but I’ve never stopped moving, because this was my own choice of taking the road. The more frustration I confront, the better I want to do it. Probably related to the practice of kendo, I believe if you have no the spirit of fighting, whether team or individual contests, failure is coming to you. Besides, the immediate connection with a team contest is whether the team can win the prize or not, so every member of the team will try his best to earn the highest honor.

Previously, we went to Kendo Story Hall, finding there were lots of bamboo swords displayed on the ceiling. Is one of them yours?

No. Each of disciples' swords were indeed handed over, but the space of ceiling is limited, only the swords with national players’ signatures can be exhibited. And I am the disciple's disciple of Dr. Hsu, because of Liu Yuy-uan is my master, who is Dr. Hsu’s disciple. Apparently, there’s no space for my sword. Bamboo swords displayed on the ceiling are mainly of the 1st disciples and players, containing Huang Kuang-jung, Director of Chin His Junior High School, Liu Yuy-uan, Keeper of Sheng Yeh Kendo Hall and Prof. Wu Chen-gwen.

Have you ever been instructed personally by Dr. Hsu?

I have certainly been guided by Dr. Hsu, however in the late period. I felt that the coach had a very strong observation. Different from the regular coaches, he could immediately know where your problem was just by a quick look, and he would tell you how to fix it. Moreover, he even hoped that you continue to maintain the shortcoming which was generally expected to get rid of. In that case, however, you must feel so weird about why he asked me to keep it, which was apparently the key to losing points. Later he said “this is called a lure for the enemy”, which means when others intended to attack your shortcomings, you could take the advantage to fight back unexpectedly, which allowed the opponent to be too late to react. He liked to study everything, whether large or small competitions or even friendly games, he filmed them all. He constantly updated the technique of kendo so that our information on kendo was more advanced than other counties even two decades.

Which national or international events have you ever participated in with Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung?

Because of Dr. Hsu getting older and his body being not so good as before, he didn’t personally take his disciple's disciples to participate the games. But when we went to the competition, he was still concerned about us. The strongly impressed thing is that once I took part in Elite Cup held in Taichung, which Dr. Hsu assigned me to play, and he said to me “Come on, go!” Fortunately, not disappointing everyone, we got the championship in that game.

What has Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung ever said? Or what has he done to affect your teaching in school?

Yes. The most profound words he ever said was that " if you want to win, only practice can make it come true. Practice, practice, nothing else.” Of course, this sentence is very easy to understand, but it’s fairly difficult to implement. And he told us to "respect the judgment." The performance in a kendo competition is decided by judges, who easily misjudge by the limited angle of vision. When being a child, due to judge’s misjudgment I was forced to quit the game, and I felt very agitated and not be able to convinced the result. But Dr. Hsu told us that the judge officially certified can wield power in kendo competitions. And no matter what the outcome he judged, you had to accept it, as was part of kendo.

Chiu Chi-yang

Tong De Elementary School

*National Zhongzheng Cup Kendo champion