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Date:Dec. 14, 2016
Place:Taoyuan Kendo Story House

There are many types of sports. Why do you choose kendo?

My family is operating Kung Fu Hall. When I was a child, I learned Chinese martial arts from my father, such as Wing Chun. During attending Chin His Junior High School, accidentally I joined kendo team, accepted guidance from Dr. Hsu and has been practicing kendo up to the present. Many people believe that kendo is Japanese martial arts. In fact, kendo, it is said, was brought to Japan from China more than 1,000 years ago. With the groundwork of Kung Fu I’ve learned from my father, adding the instruction offered by Dr. Hsu, learning kendo is easier for me than other people.

What is your current job? Is your job related to kendo?

I am now a keeper of Sheng Yeh Kendo Hall、served as a coach of the kendo club in Chin Hsing Primary School as well as a coach in Ching Mei Kendo Promotion Center. And so far I’m in Renshi 7-dan. I once won the championship at individual category of the national competition, and also was selected as the national kendo player.

What do you think are the most important things you learned from kendo?

Practicing kendo mostly is for the purpose of improving physical energy, and secondly, training your mind for thinking and concentration. I believe that you have seen some news about attacking others in newspapers or television reports. If I encounter this situation, I will apply the technique learned from kendo to defend myself. But not try to teach all students to use force to solve the problem, my key point is that before use of force against the attack, it’s necessary to have a critical thinking in your mind, to judge and break the current predicament through the mental focus.

Which national or international events have you ever participated in with Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung?

I’ve begun to learn kendo from Dr. Hsu since my junior high school years. During training practice, the coach Hsu took us to participate in the National Student Cup. Of course, under the guidance of him, we were holding the trophy back. However, I stopped the practice when I was studying at high school, all because of family hardships, I needed to go out for work to make money. At that time, I had a part-time job in the morning and had to study at night. After stopping practicing for four years l, I was successfully admitted to The College of Physical Education. And then, I decided to restart practicing kendo with Dr. Hsu. At that time, my life was very busy: getting up to run through the mountain at five o’clock, practicing basic movements and doing physical training at nine; after a short break at noon, continuing practicing sword fighting in the afternoon, and then after seven o'clock we would go back to Yin-Ko Hospital with Dr. Hsu to watch the films of competitions held by different countries, through which we would discuss the strategy on how to win. Later, I was picked as a national kendo player, following the coach Hsu to Japan, Paris to participate in international competitions, in which our team won the third place, and No. 8 at individual contest. The performance in kendo-related events was the most brilliant at that time.

After four-year-halting practice, when coming back to kendo, do you feel strange to it?

Of course, back to the kendo hall, although I still remembered the basic techniques, there were a lot of movements I’ve been unfamiliar with. It made me keep practicing more than others. If someone practiced for an hour, I would practice for two hours, which provided me access to being selected as a national player, and the following serial three-time winner of the individual contest in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

What has Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung ever said? Or what has he done to affect your teaching in school?

I believe that no matter what sort of players or students are, as long as he is willing to try hard, he’s bound to succeed eventually. Most of the coaches prefer to select players with better physical shape, which easily gain an advantage in the competition. I didn’t do it, though. As long as you want to learn, I definitely teach you and help you improve your own kendo technique. With such a concept, those students I led to participate the 1st Kendo Competition, some of whom were fat or short, were not regarded as the winner by most people, but it turned out that we got the champion, which made everyone’s jaw drop.

Has Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung ever been to Chin His Kendo Hall to teach students?

Dr. Hsu was teaching all the time in Chin His Kendo Hall before he passed away. After I completed my military service, I would go to the hall to help guide the junior learners on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays night.

Liu Yuy-uan

Sheng Yeh Kendo Hall

*1994, 9th World Kendo Championship
*1997 ,10th World Kendo Championship
*2000,11th World Kendo Championship
*2006,13th World Kendo Championship
*2009,14th World Kendo Championship