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Date:Dec. 16, 2016
Place:Taoyuan Kendo Story House

What is your current job? Is your job related to Kendo?

I am now the director of Academic Affairs in Chin Hsi Junior High School,and is also the chairman of Taoyuan City Kendo Committee. I am a member of Taoyuan City Kendo team, also ever served as the national player and national coach for 2 years.

Kendo technique is measured by several dan levels. Which dan are you in?

I’m now in Renshi 7-dan. A dozen years ago, I was probably the youngest national champion.

No matter what sports activities must let you encounter bottlenecks or difficulties, have you ever thought to drop out of Kendo?

From the beginning of contacting with kendo, I’ve never thought to take a break from practicing. I think that’s because kendo is different from other sports. Kendo emphasizes the importance of "Ritual", which refers to Etiquette and Manners, with "Ritual" as the starting point and the ending point. In addition to enhancing physical fitness, I believed that you can also learn people skills and a lot of things in life

Do you know Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung?

Yes, he is my first kendo teacher, who enlightened me on kendo and my attitude toward life. From the first grade of my junior high school, I’ve learned kendo from Dr. Hsu, and lived with him and his family in the current Taoyuan Kendo Stadium. In addition to the teacher-student relationship between Dr. Hsu and me, he is more like my family member.

How did Dr. Hsu take you into kendo?

I learned to play baseball mainly in my primary school years, but when going to junior high school, there was no baseball team in school. Occasionally having an encounter with Dr. Hsu in the basketball court, he found that I had a talent for sports, and asked for me to join kendo, which then started my kendo career.

Which national or international events have you ever participated in with Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung?

In my career as a kendo player, Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung, like my father, took me to participate in competitions across the country. In the all national high school kendo championships, I always won the championship under his guidance. In team competitions, he even led us to set 22-game unbeaten record in Taiwan. Now though he has left us for three years, we still won first place in the team category of Citizens Sports Games. I will give this glory to him who is in heaven.

What has Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung ever said? Or what has he done to affect your teaching in school?

He was a man who did not easily give up, nor did he lose any hope for students. I remembered I lived in poverty during childhood. Dr. Hsu was particularly concerned about the students with poor family background, low learning motivation, or deviant behavior. He would help those students to learn kendo, hoping they could develop a skill, so that they were no longer confused about their life. The contributions he made were not only purely about kendo, but also being a lighthouse which guided our lives in the right direction, helping us to change our own destiny. So as a teacher I would like to give children hope. As long as children have hope, their life will be full of more possibilities. I am the best example.

Huang Kuang-jung

Chin His Junior High School

*1988, 7th World Kendo Championship
*1991, 8th World Kendo Championship
*1994, 9th World Kendo Championship
*2000, 11th World Kendo Championship