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Date: Dec. 20, 2016
Place:Meeting Room 3F

What is your current job? Is your job related to kendo?

I am now a P.E. teacher at the university and in charge of guiding students of the university kendo team.

Kendo technique is measured by several dan levels. Which dan are you in?

Renshi 7-dan. The highest level is 8-dan. After receiving 8-dan, you can continue to upgrade in the country. Actually, Hanshi 8-dan is the best-qualified.

No matter what sports activities must let you encounter bottlenecks or difficulties, Have you ever thought to drop out of kendo?

No. I feel cool wearing kendo black clothes. Moreover, in the kendo field, I can exert my own physical strength to attack the opponent. If I am not strong, I will have myself fall into the situation of being beaten. So I just want to keep doing exercises to get stronger. And I will not back off because of any setback or failure.

Have you ever been instructed personally by Dr. Hsu?

Yes, definitely. I has started to contact kendo since the second year of my junior high school. But I haven’t met Dr. Hsu until I studied in senior high school.

Which national or international events have you ever participated in with Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung?

Whatever kinds of international or district competitions, such as the Chiang Kai-shek Cup, District Games or the National Games, Dr. Hsu must take us to participate in them. The most amazing experience was the World Cup, because it’ s my first time to go abroad. I still remembered the competition was held in Canada, and we luckily won the third place.

What has Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung ever said? Or what has he done to affect your teaching in school?

He said "Kendo is life”. These two are complementary. The most important element in kendo is the basic action. As long as you build the foundation well and not to be aggressive, the technique of Kendo must be improved and upgraded. In the same way, Dr. Hsu hoped that we could be honest, do our own part and life will not go wrong.

Director Huang said that Yin-Ko Hospital was where you practiced kendo. Did Dr. Hsu blame you for being too noisy?

No. When staying in the hospital, in spite of our young age, we all knew how to keep quiet. Dr. Hsu understood that children needed time to relax, so he would occasionally took us in his car to Hubei Fish Harbor and Bali, allowing us to play with water and enjoy shouting. On the face of it, it seemed to have fun at the beach; however, actually Dr. Hsu took advantage of an opportunity to strengthen our physical muscles. He asked us to remove stones to and fro before we could play with water in the rest of the time. And we had a consensus that practice hard rather than play. We thought the same way that getting a national champion could allow us to go abroad participating in friendly games held in Japan, Thailand, Singapore and other countries during summer and winter break.

Wu Cheng-Wen

Yuan Ze University

*1991, 8th
World Kendo Championship
*1994, 9th
World Kendo Championship
*1997, 10th
World Kendo Championship
*2000, 11th
World Kendo Championship