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Kendo Psychology

After many years of teaching experience, Dr. Hsu made a comment on “mental attitude of kendo”: The pursuit of goals should be positive but not forced; to be calm and make good observation when dealing with people and problems in life; With careful judgments,hard working, harvest is definitely approaching you. He also asked students to maintain a calm mental state of mind besides generally known must-win state of mind.Because he thought that when playing against opponents, encountering even stronger fighting, you could stabilize yourself without losing points. Just keeping waiting for the opponent losing his temper, you could take advantage of this opportunity to score. He also said there was much significance more than winning and losing, as the following: Students should learn from competition the importance of teamwork and cooperation, of commitment to others and respect for opponents, and, especially, learning to be a true champion or a respected loser, which means that you have to conduct yourself with positive attitude. If doing so, the Goddess of Victory of the next game will be closer to you.