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Science Of Kendo

Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung placed a lot of documents, books and videos in Yin-Ko Clinic (the first floor of the current Taoyuan Kendo Story Hall). Just take a closer look, you'll see most books related to kendo information, and the others containing medicine, martial arts, photography, The Art of War, and so forth. Dr. Hsu could all the time came up with a clever way of fighting through a variety of different books, such as : He integated basketball moves, like crossover dribble, pass and cut, into kendo drills. Moreover, the use of baseball signals was implemented in the tactical communication of kendo, which became a high-profile type of communication at the time.

In the era of rarely-seen cameras, Dr. Hsu had recorded various films including domestic and international competitions, and regularly had a discussion with students on physical, technical, spiritual aspects. Just as a physician, he would regularly attend medical meetings, and compared the usual experience of treating patients with the information in internal and foreign books. Dr. Hsu explained each kendo’s movement with theoretical and practical case, and then slowly modified the action of each student so that players could clearly know how to adjust their own moves. "Students are scared of me!" Dr. Hsu was quoted as saying; however, this approach also helped them a lot.