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Attitude Toward Life

From the photos taken in various occasions, we could always find Dr. Hsu wearing a stylish suit and sunglasses, with hair straightened, fully revealing the temperament of a gentleman celebrity. Similarly in the kendo teaching, he attached great importance to develop students’ own self decipline in daily life. From the interviews with Dr. Hsu’s students, we could know kendo values “Dao”, the fundamental concept of Chinese philosophy, beyond all things.

Dr. Hsu often led the children to take part in the competitions all over the country,always carrying a briefcase with him everywhere, in which there were many layers for placing different files. The way to make things tidy and organized let many disciples keep in mind. A student once had the file placed in the wrong layer, which caused Dr. Hsu couldn’t find the documents. Every one of team memebers had the same thought that the coach was ready to address a lecture to them. All students humbly accepted criticism and advice from Dr. Hsu, because they could feel his greatest love. Students still remembered that on one occasion Dr. Hsu had serious eye diseases which didn’t allow him to accompany the players to go abroad. He still used the phone at any time to care about the event, and immediately provided strategies on how to win. When palyers returned to the hotel, he would continue to discuss with them on the next day's events and game plan, giving the contestants more confidence. And in the international competition, they actually got a good third place back to hometown.