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Competitions Abroad

Initially, Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung led the students to participate in competitions overseas, and he knew that most contestants came from low-income families, unable to afford the huge cost of the competitions abroad. Dr. Hsu decided to raise funds for the cost. The purpose was to expand students’ horizons to the world, and improve kendo technique through skill exchange in the international sports events. Taoyuan team finally received the subsidies offered by County government and the Ministry of Education until the good results appeared gradually.

Dr. Hsu took kendo contestants to join in friendly or international competitions of more than 20 countries all over the world. They brought back a variety of medals and trophies displayed at Taoyuan Kendo Story Hall. The most impressive item is the headscarf, regarded as the highest honor, was awarded by the Prime Minister of Japan. It’s believed that not all kendo players have the opportunity to get the glory.

If you want to know which countries the kendo team led by Dr. Hsu Heng-hsiung participated in, you must take a trip to Taoyuan Kendo Story Hall where there is a wall with a world map which marks the competition footprint of the Chinese Taipei team and Dr. Hsu’s disciples. The map is also specifically marked with different colors based on the World Kendo Championships and international friendly matches. And there are some billboards placed below the map marked the record of each game which allow us to re-understand kendo.