Participate in various competitions Individualized Instruction Focus on medicine and kendo Uninterrupted practice

Leading The Team

In the normal practice process, Dr. Hsu taught, instructed basic movements and gave the learners specific guidances. Many students were impressed by the way he gave suggestions; for example, Dr. Hsu adjusted the moves and discussed the improvement to kendo technique in use of the video. But when he found that all advice had virtually no effect, instead of scolding students or suspending their activities, he taught students to turn shortcomings into advantages and used the excess action to trigger the opponent to attack. All students very admired Dr. Hsu for his wisdom.

In addition to regular practice at the usual time, Dr. Hsu would also spend the time after work driving the car carrying students to the beach, so that everyone could relax while preparing for competitions. This was one of the best memories those students had.