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Yin-Ko Hospital

Dr. Hsu, Heng-Hsiung returned to his hometown to work as a physician at Yin-Ko Hospital. Because he was usually busy treating patients, he could only use the time after work to guide students in the kendo training field (now Taoyuan City Stadium). However, if patients had temporary conditions, he needed to return to the hospital as soon as possible. He really worked so hard on both sides.

When kendo competition was approaching, Dr. Hsu took advantage of the top floor of the hospital as a temporary kendo practice field. The players were living in the second floor of the ward so that Dr. Hsu could have sufficient time to take care of patients and students. At that time, the patients waiting to be treated would see a group of young students wearing kendo dress walk back and forth in the hospital, which would be easily mistaken for the Japanese school.

Dr. Hsu's mother was very troubled with those young kendo trainees who often showed up in the hospital, afraid that they would disturb the patients. But then, after getting along with the students, she found them very self-disciplined and courteous, and slowly treaded those students as her children, often watching them practice, and occasionally providing snacks or drinks, so that students generally regarded as unwilling learner felt the warmth of home, and even they expressed their gratitude by collecting money to buy a gift for Dr. Hsu's mother.