Participate in various competitions Individualized Instruction Focus on medicine and kendo Uninterrupted practice


After graduation from the Taipei Medical College, Dr. Hsu stayed in Taipei to practice medicine. As a result of his father's physical discomfort, he wanted to take care of his family and decided to return to his hometown to practice medicine and inherit his father's job.

At the same time, Dr. Hsu, in response to his father’s last wish, continued to promote the kendo activities. Besides continuing improving his own kendo skills, he reached deep into the campus to guide students considered as bad learners to join the kendo. He instructed those students use the knowledge and skills learned from the kendo for their school learning. And also he helped students regain confidence and life goals through the process of winning competitions. The most achievement Dr. Hsu made was undoubtedly the unprecedented, unbroken twenty-time Trophy won by Taoyuan County kendo team in National Games of Taiwan. Taoyuan Kendo was founded by Dr. Hsu, Yin-Ko, and carried forward by Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung. Father and son worked together to create a brilliant page of Taoyuan Kendo.