Participate in various competitions Individualized Instruction Focus on medicine and kendo Uninterrupted practice


After the decision to participate in CyberFair, we selected “Kendo” from many of the interesting topics owing to the kendo which is a relatively rare sporting event seen by people in Taiwan’s sports meeting. It is hoped that kendo will become more well known through the presentation of the project.

Surfing in a mass of material online, we found that the information related to kendo in Taoyuan City almost focused on a doctor - " Dr. Hsu Heng-Hsiung ". Many media reported that Dr. Hsu led the Taoyuan kendo team to compete in the country or abroad and won 20 times continuously in the National Elite Kendo-gathered Competitions. And even more, the headscarf, regarded as the highest honor, was awarded by the Prime Minister of Japan, allowing Taiwan to be more visible on the international stage. We rarely see kendo competitions on television or in sports magazines, but curiously enough when or why Dr. Hsu became devoted to kendo? The report said he paid his own money to lead many unmotivated students, in addition to teach them kendo, to participate in a variety of domestic and international competitions, such a thing was the media exaggeration or definitely a truth? Lifelong unmarried, he committed to kendo teaching. Even though having cancer, he went from time to time to Taoyuan Kendo Stadium to guide students. Owing to various reports on Dr. Hsu, we chose him as the topic we want to research further into. We hope to find more good-hearted people in our society through the study.