Today is the first cleaning activity of Victoria clean team. Although Victoria Academy was very neatly, but there was some place needed to clean. We sweep the leaf and trash on the sidewalk and the landfill. After we cleaned the landfill, the landfill look tidier. Everyone was very tired, but we complete the cleaning work. And I hope we can make Victoria Academy cleaner!

Did some work on cleaning ,I suddenly knew that how a tiring work it is.The only thing we did is clean up the gate of school and the crematorium, but we were all sweat after this. The next time I see those dirty road, I might not thinking about why there is no one come and clean up here.Beacause now I know, it is not a easy work to do.

A lot of student’s daily life did not do any housework. Even that school has some cleaning work. But those works are really simple. We have never experienced the big cleaning job.

After visited environmental volunteer teems, we went back to school, and experience the things they have done. Then of course the school has some big changes. It became more clean and beautiful. We’re really happy to saw that.

During the activity I learned more about my school environment, and also increased the environment awareness. I also felt proud of myself through the experience. I find out that the school environment did change a lot after cleaning. So I hope people have the right idea of environment information, and willing to protect their homeland.

I feel really excited and novel to the activity today. However, I also feel really tire. Every people has being given to their own job, it affects me a lot and I hardly experience how hard each of the cleaning squadron work.  I learn a lot of things from the cleaning this time, especially how important is the team work and working together.

Though the environmental volunteer activity was so tired today, we still worked hard and finishedit. Now I know to be an environmental volunteer is so exhausting. To work under the sun is not that easy. I learned a lot of things from cleaning environment of school. When I saw the neat, fresh and shinning school, I felt our hard working is very worth of it.

The school cleaning job in the morning, everyone works hard. Even though it was tired, but after we finished, we were proud of us. Today’s activity was substantial, and it let us experienced the environment guardian of hard work and responsibility.

Though our activities were made me felt tired,but gained me really much.And now I just knew what was the tiredness of the environmental volunteers.They were really worked hard!Eventually,I knew that the importantness of”Unity is strength.”It is worth it that we sweated all the back.Hope that we can help the nature in the future.Devoted to the volunteers:Thank you!For keeping the environments so clean!You really work hard!