Cleaning maintenance, cut off the weed of the sidewalk and the islands of middle roads everyday.

The head of a neighborhood will guidance in the public land, drainage system, add covers on for drains, ditch clearance clean up the gutter.

Inspectors checks each road not irregularly or without notice. Violators will be immediately sued, banned or can not use the vehicles.

After evuromental reporting centre of Yulin Country Government Eviromental Protection Bureau.Records the case and send a letter to letter to Douliou city office for towing away the abandoned vehicles by law.

Tow vehicles by the provisonsof the announcement.Eviromental Reporting Centre commissioued the recycleling fields for custody.After the dealine of the annoucement expired.The vehicles will be dismantled and recycled.

Get the rodenticide for wiping outrats before the〝Rats out week〞of whole country.Let wipe out rats together.

In summer and autumm.There are part time workers be hired by Douliu City Government to do a regular spraying fordengue vector mosquitoes.Eviromental protection volunteer teams of each community remove strangnant water containers.Such as abandonded tires bottles and materials of easy getting dengue vector mosquitoes etc.

Since the garbage issue starts.How to reduce the quanity of garbage that became the greatest concern for everyone.It the biggest thing that we should do from scratch.

Douliu City office not only started it first actively to promote the corrent concept of recycleling recources.But also do their best to consider.

How to implement it in life.Mayor of Doiliu City.Shu-Ya Hsieh went to Tzu Chi recycling field to learn and realize how to classify recycling stuff by their voulunteers.They hope to cooperate with each other together.Promote the best concept of enviromental protection to convey to all people understand.

Everyone manufacture the garbage everyday.We’re facing a crisis by trash now. How to deal with these garbage and solve it the problem?

Incinerator!? Landfills!? Can they solve the problem? If you do not cherish the natural resources, doing garbage classification, and then a big landfill will be filled, Incinerators are also enough for burning.

Recycling classifications start from you and me.Everyone can do this kind of little things! We can do it.

We all know that resources garbage, can be divided into paper, plastic bottles, iron, aluminum cans, plastic containers and metal…..etc, and this way can be passed on from generation to generation. Let students take environmental protection from education ...

<Douliu New Life Movement  Intent on doing garbage classifications>