Speaking of this interview, I have felt it’s still very far away until someone pull me back to the reality with one sentence, ”Time to go!”.That moment I understood how unrealistical it was for this experience. From making an appointment to interview by myself, all were the first time to me. Not even to mention the fear inside my heart that I wished to be more brave to face. Under such nervous mood, I began the first ever interview…           

 On the way to Gongzheng village office, a few minutes to me was just like a few seconds because I should face the fear inside my heart very soon. Whenever the car vibrated on the road reminding me one factor that ”We’re almost there !”, the voice inside whispered.
Finally, I came to the office and the address of building made me convinced that we arrived at our desination. When my feet stepped forward, my heart was still in the place due to the nervousness. However, when I open the door seeing the friendly smile on the village chief’s face, I was touched by the warmth of his hospitality. (welcome)   

 I took out the prepared topic and started to interview village chief with word by word, stiff pronunciation. Gongheng village environmental friendly volunteer team was established in October,2010. Village chief office initiated activity spontaneously and the purpose was to response carbon reduction and preservation of the environment. Village chief, Wen Cheng Zheng ,also deemed environmental friendly volunteer as a exercise. They served 2 hours once every two weeks and twice every month on the weekend. The environment has been improved indeed after a period of time comparing to earlier days.

 There’re 30 people with different varieties attending the activity, including husband and wife, brothers and students. During interview, I have taken one small step forward inside my heart to know student could be volunteer as well because I thought environmental service was for adults and children was unable to do anything.

 It was because the community cleaning service that shorten the distance between those who attended the volunteer team. They chatted with each other happily and developed the relationship when they’re doing the cleaning service. Even some members had left the team, but, they’re still  join the dinner party to enjoy the happiness moment together.

 Village chief considered volunteer activity as learning and obtained the happiness from it. But he also admitted that it’s difficult to find appropriate member and to apply for the funding. Even so, he never thought to give up but to join the activity with more enthusiasm.

 Apart from volunteer activity, he also devoted himself to garbage sorting to build a recycling field. Seeing such a hard working, I also felt I should try harder on everything. The idea kept on spreading in my mind for a while….

When taking about air pollution problem, his tone of manner seemed be excited. He really hoped the problem can be controlled. Also, he proposed to build one animal shelter in Yunlin when I spoke of stray dogs/cats issue.

Village chief showed proud smile when I asked achievement of the volunteer team. He said, cleanliness of Gongzheng village was much better than others and could compare to Japan. Their team also won the prize three times. With such a glorious achievement, no wonder I could find delight from his eyes.

 For volunteer team member, it’s very glorious to wear the vest as they could obtain the wonderful environment by having the empathy to do cleaning service in the community as in their home. This interview made me realize that the hard working of the volunteer team and understood their extraordinary achievement. I hope I can move forward from this direction as well, however , to which level I’m able to do?I’m wondering still…
November 8 was the beginning of winter in Lunar calendar. Village chief led the volunteer team to clean the public area of the community in the early morning to make the environment cleaner.

In November 22 Village chief led the volunteer team to do the cleaning service again! Thanks for all your hard working!