Research Creation

U-Theatre Drawing

During this study, we learned "U-Theatre" not only from newspaper, magazine, and network, but also from site visits. We appreciated their performance and drew it with imagination. Each painting showed different aspects of U-Theatre! It's really inspiring!

Author: Ting-wei Wang                             
Title: Fantastic Drum Skills
Material: sketch pencils, pastels

Creation techniques

The background with contrast colors highlighted the "serenity" and "dynamism" of the performers. The fantastic drum skills combined with Tao and Art to show the uniqueness of U-Theatre. I liked the spirit conveyed by U-Theatre through their drum performance. I expressed my feelings in drawing and presented the strength, peace, and serenity of U-Theatre.

Author: Cai-ru Liu
Title: U-Theatre
Material: pencils, crayons, watercolor

Creation techniques

We experienced several performances of U-Theatre in person. This work showed my impression of U-Theatre. It included the inseparable elements of "drum", "gong", and "holy dance". I used light and dark colors to show 3D effects of them. I used crayon to draw drum and gong, and pencil to draw the graceful skirts of dancers. The drawing techniques showed the 3D effect of the entire picture.

Author: Ken-lun Chang
Title: Dancing U-Theatre
Material: pencils, crayons, scissors, colored paper, glue

Creation techniques

I was inspired by sketch to draw this picture. I sketched the contours of the posture of jumping of drummer and showed the power and beauty of jumping. The circles in the background stood for the spotlights on them and their famous reputation. The half circles at the bottom showed the eyes of audience eager to see their performances. I used this picture to show my impression of U-Theatre. I could not forget their outstanding performances on the stage. I hope that I can still have the chance to watch their amazing performances in the future.

Author: Yen-Chen Chen
Title: Drum Drum Drum
Material: crayons, watercolor

Creation techniques

When I studied grade 2 of primary school, my mom enrolled a summer camp at U-Theatre for me. Since then, I fall in love with the sounds of drum. I watched their performances. By chance, I saw a list of programs. I liked the drawing because it was artistic with rich colors. That's why I drew this picture. I used pencils to draw circles big and small to depict the postures of drummers and used crayon and water color.

Author: Shu-han Chang
Title: Drummers in the Meadow
Material: sketch pencils, pastels, crayons

Creation techniques

I was inspired by the spirit of "combination of Tao and Art" of U-Theatre to draw this picture. It depicted three drummers. They were playing drums and dancing. The harmonious atmosphere stood for the unity of U-Theatre. In the warm sunshine, U-Theatre embraced the earth. It meant that the work, rest, and works of U-Theatre were related to nature. Their love of nature was beyond words. Thus, based on this idea, I combined them all in this picture named "Drummers in the Meadow".

Author: Chun-Hsien Wu
Title: King of Forest
Material: pencils, watercolor, pastels

Creation techniques

After watching several performances of "U-Theatre", I drew this picture to show their "strength" and "beauty". I imagined that in a broad and beautiful forest, there was young man who stood aloof from worldly success. He beat drums and produced thundering sounds in the land of idyllic beauty and serenity alone. While appreciating the sounds, his emotion became relaxed. It was great artistic conception.

Author: Chien-te Hsu
Title: The Power of Serenity
Material: watercolor, pastels

Creation techniques

The spirit of U-Theatre is to practice persistent and simple body, heart, and mind. Through meditation, martial arts, and percussion practice, the performers of U-Theatre had inner practice and serenity and formed great power. They showed thundering sounds of drum like magnificent ocean. In the face of terrifying waves and ten thousand steeds gallop, the performers remained calm. It stood for the power of serenity and fully demonstrated the art, wisdom, and quality of Taiwanese performers!

Author: Tsung-te Hsu
Title: Imposing U-Theatre
Material: watercolor, pastels

Creation techniques

While appreciating the performances of U-Theatre, no matter at the open space of drum festival or at national theater, the thundering sounds of drum shocked the soul of each one present. Each breath touched the inner serenity of each audience. The sounds of drum conveyed Zen and deep meaning. The spirit of U-Theatre stood for the unlimited strength and creation of Taiwanese art!

Author: Yung-Chieh Hsu
Title: U-Theatre
Material: pencils, color pencils, pastels, watercolor

Creation techniques

The combination of "drum, calmness, and body" was the most important course I learned at U-Theatre summer camp. Each time when I watched the performance of U-Theatre, I became calm. In this work, I selected the color of the earth to show the feeling of nature, simplicity, and sureness. We were lead to the world of "tranquility". Then, I used lines to highlight the power of beating a drum. Lastly, I used green to show the beauty of "U-Theatre" integrating into nature.

Record of Music

In order to experience the shocking and touching sounds of drum of "U-Theatre" in person, we participated in a winter camp of U-Theatre to learn how to beat a drum. We asked our teacher to compile a song with rhythms from simple to difficult. On the day to show our results, we were all in high spirits. We concentrated on the drum and exerted all our efforts to completely present the music. Finally, the music was recorded.

At the beginning, we had two left feet. But we improved slowly. At last, we not only learned the skills and rhythm of drum beating, but also understood that one could not play a drum well overnight. It required the cooperation and unity of everyone to produce a touching song. "It took a decade of practice to perform on the stage for ten minutes." Every day, our teacher guided and corrected us. Through continuous practice, hands with callus and injuries did not make us give up the passion to learn.

In order to prepare for the performance at the end of the winter camp, we went home and felt sore all over every day. The fun of percussion practice let us forgot the fatigue of our bodies. During the short course for several days, no matter training or performance, we were careful to complete it. And we learned the secret to record the music during our performance. To us, it was unforgettable memory.

Activity Name: Performance of Winter Camp of learning Drum
Date: February 3, 2016
Activity Location: Pas36 at Yong An Art Center (Muzha)
Video: 冬令營擊鼓成果展
Video credit: