Literature Review

Reading Report

At the beginning, we were not clear about the direction and method to write the topic. Our teacher recommended a book on paper writing, Comprehensive Instruction on Writing for Middle School Student. After reading it, we gradually master the principle in writing by following the steps instructed in the book. We applied the essence to our website. It helped us think and summarize. We were no longer afraid but confident about writing!


Book: Comprehensive Instruction on Writing for Middle School Student
Author: Hsing-Cheng Tung

It is a book which teaches us how to write. It contained six major chapters and guided us to write step by step. The content contained how to come up with a title, design procedures, compile preface, summarize literature, arrange main body, explain research procedures, point out results, and reach conclusion. It also demonstrated various writing principles and skills, rich examples, exercises, and illustration. It helped us think independently and improve writing ability.

Reading Experience

In order to write more skillfully for the WebPages and more clearly learn the principle and framework, Teacher Lin recommended "Comprehensive Instruction on Writing for Middle School Student" to us. Each member read one chapter carefully and made PPT to share what he/she learned. I was assigned to read Chapter 6. After reading the summaries of other members, I roughly know the content of the book. I hope that I can apply what I learned in the book in the future.

After reading it carefully, I learned many skills for the first time. For instance: There was no need to add a period after a URL. Five spaces should be left at the beginning of the second line. Though it was a bit strange to write a paper for us now, it would be common after we entered a university. Then, we could write a paper more easily to avoid many mistakes and enrich the content!

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