Extended Experience

Visiting Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Park

  1. Theme of the activity: Visiting Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Park
  2. Activity date: Saturday, November 28, 2015
  3. Activity location: Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Park
  4. Participants: Members of Thunder King of Drums
  5. Records: Yen-Chen Chen


When the decision of visiting Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Park was made, we began to contact Ten-Drum in South Taiwan for visit date and content. We would like to visit Mr. Hsieh, the Director of the park and Mr. Chi-hsiang Chang, the Drum-maker. I felt hard to prepare questions to interview Mr. Hsieh and Mr. Chang. I read a lot of information about Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Park and Qingxilin Drum Manufacturer, and revised my questions several times before the final version. At last, we took the high-speed railway to Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Park! Mr. Hsieh simply introduced the park to us. And then we began our interview. After the interview, we began a relatively easy tour of the park: Introduction Hall, Museum of Drum, Drum-beating Experience Room, Ten-Drum Restaurant, Chimney Square, Forest Breathing Trail, Candy Factory, Qingxilin Drum Manufacturer, Three Honey Cans, and other facilities.

In the Qingxilin Drum Manufacturer of Ten-Drum Cultural Creative Park, the drum-making tools were complete, while the drumming process was clear. Mr. Chang explained the model for us in person. He told us how the drums were tuned: One should press the drum with your hands, and beat its sides with the stick. Wherever the sound was low, you used the hydraulic jack, so that the drums would be taut. Putting your hands in the center of the drum, because it could block the sound, so that there would be no resonance. You could hear the various sounds of different locations." These were Mr. Chang's precious tips concluded from his decades of drum making! After listening to drum-making process seriously, we began our relaxing trip to Three Honey Cans! The second honey can had the most fun. It had a three-story slide and a ball pool! But there was a very strict requirement: We must tie up the clothes, otherwise when we slide down very quickly, our waist might be rubbed. In addition, this slide was a roundabout, it was not allowed to tummy down, as it would hit the forehead.

Mr. Hsieh's decision to move the Ten-Drum Group to the Rende Sugar Factory was very wise! The place was natural and nostalgic. There was no need to worry about interrupting neighbors. With the combination of drum making skills, drum beating teaching, and special restaurant, tourism was pushed by these favorable elements and successfully created the best stage for ten-drum performance. Although in the initial stage, Mr. Hsieh spent considerable time, manpower, and money to sort out this used barren park, and there left no excess marketing costs. However, with tourists' reputation, the park got its costs back in just three years. Ten-Drum Group deeply plowed drum culture in Tainan, and became one of the few successful examples of arts and cultural industry in Taiwan!

Photo credit: Thunder King of Drums


Zen Drummer Activity Records

  1. Theme of the activity: Performance of Zen Drummer's Achievements
  2. Activity date: Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 14:00
  3. Activity location: Auditorium, Arts Center, Taipei University of Politics
  4. Participants: Members of Thunder King of Drums
  5. Records: Cai-Ru Liu


To learn more about the U-Theatre, we planned to watch the Zen Drummer, which was planned for the urban residents. And we also gathered information about people, things, and organizations associated with this event. Each of us prepared two question. There questions were compiled and organized into a questionnaire. And we hoped that through the questionnaire, we could learn more about this event.

These performers had a long-term training in the old spring in the mountains, and wanted to emulate "Shaolin 36 Room" spirit of Sande monk who was at the end of Yongzheng Emperor, Qing Dynasty, and create "Pas36", to pass U-Theatre original performance art skills on the mountain community residents for promoting their health of body and mind and for promoting the performing arts. Therefore, this time, all activities were planned and delivered by Pas36. This show was mainly a performance from urban children, adults and the elderly, who learned to beat drum in Pas36. There are also performances from performers who had learned drums for several years. Although the Zen Drummer were amateur, they had practice for a long time and displayed their skills most attentively to show their self-confidence. Therefore, they left a deep impression to all the audience.

After the performance, we went to the outdoor square. For audience who had appreciated the performance, we conducted a questionnaire. We summarized the results and found that most of the audiences were very satisfied with the performance. Through this event, we learn more about how U-Theatre conveyed performing arts to the public!

Photo credit: Thunder King of Drums


Visit to Pas36

  1. Theme of the activity: Visit to Pas36
  2. Activity date: February 3, 2016
  3. Activity location: Pas36
  4. Participants: Members of Thunder King of Drums
  5. Records: Ting-Wei Wang

The participation in Performances Arts Winter Camp of Pas36 gave us the opportunity to enter the professional performing arts training base under the guidance of the staff. Pas36 had five floors. From the second floor to the fifth, there were philosophy classroom, drums, martial arts, and the experimental theater. The second floor had a small restaurant for students who learned percussion practice to have meal and the public to rest.

The "Mind Gym" was designed for non-profit public welfare or teaching service. The "Art Reading Room" mainly provided the public with reading and art exhibitions, as well as art classrooms and dance classrooms, which were used to provide a variety of performing arts rehearsals and various courses, seminars, discussions, education and training. Most important "Basic Practice Room" provided an excellent training place for physical training. We also visited the small theater for performance, which was a multi-functional space providing performance activities, audio-visual screening, community exchange activities, and large-scale ceremony.

This visit gave us deeper understanding of the training space for performers to have precussion practice. Pas36 was filled with art and was a really good place for arts and cultural entertainment!

Photo credit: Thunder King of Drums