Survey Analysis

  • Topic: U-Theatre
  • Respondents:Audience for U-Theatre’s Exhibition in National Chengchi University and Pas 36 Exhibition in Taipei Jingwen High School
  • Time: DEC 13, 2015、JAN 30, 2016、JAN 31, 2016            
  • Purposes:We conducted a questionnaire survey on the visitors so that we can understand how they see U-Theatre and how much they know about U-Theatre.
  • Questionnaire issued: 135 in total

Summary and Analysis

Gender Split of Respondents

Gender No. of people
Female 63
Male 72
Total 135

A total of 135 effective questionnaires were collected. Among the respondents, 53% are males and 47% are females. The ratio is approximately even although there are slightly more males than females.

Age Profile of Respondents

Age No. of people
Below 12 8
13-18 32
19-30 55
Above 30 40
Total 135

The largest age group of the respondents is 19-30 years old, followed by those who are above 30 years old and then 13-18 years old. The smallest age group is those under 12 years old. The results indicate that the visitors are mostly friends, family members, parents or elderly relatives to the performers. The majority of U-Theatre’s supporters are adults.

Q1. Have you heard about “Town of Gold”, the latest musical by U-Theatre?

Yes  No


The survey shows that 58% of the respondents were kept up to date about U-Theatre. This means more than half of them wanted to stay on top of what is happening with U-Theatre. However, 42% of the respondents were not informed. The advertising for U-Theatre’s new musical can step up so as to reach out to more supporters.

Q2. Which element of the U-Theatre’s performances do you like the best? (Please select one)

Thunderous drum beats  Martial art  Dance  Others____________


The questionnaire survey shows that 48% of the respondents enjoy U-Theatre’s roaring drum beats the most. The second most popular element is martial art (35% of the respondents), and then dance (15%). The combination of dance techniques and theater concepts of the East and the West has made U-Theatre a renowned performing group on the international stage.

Q3. Which one do you think is the most important training for U-Theatre’s members? (Please select one)

Meditation  Martial arts  Percussion Practice  Cloud-on-the-feet Trekking project 


Most people (52%) feel that Percussion Practice is the most important part of the training with U-Theatre. Other respondents (28%) think that Martial arts is the most important training. Still others (17%) believe that meditation is the most essential. In fact, meditation, martial arts, percussion practice and cloud-on-the-feet trekking project are equally important and integral to the training of U-Theatre’s members.

Q4. Which one of U-Theatre’s productions do you like the best? (Please select one)

Sound of the Ocean  Meeting with Bodhisattva  Beyond Time  Blooming Enlightenment 


The survey suggests that three productions equally share the love of U-Theatre’s audience: Sound of the Ocean (28%), Meeting with Bodhisattva (35%) and Beyond Time (30%). U-Theatre’s performances are highly popular with audience in Taiwan and foreign countries.

Q5. How many times have you seen U-Theatre’s performances? (Please select one)

Once  Twice or three times  Four or five times  More than six times  Never


The majority of the respondents (45%) have seen U-Theatre’s performances two to three times. Others have seen their performances once (15%), more than six times (8%) or never (8%). Most of the audience is probably friends and family members of U-Theatre as 77% of the respondents have seen their performances multiple times.

Q6. Do you know of any of the books published by U-Theatre? (Please select one)

Yes and I have bought one or few  Yes but I have never bought any 
No, I don’t know but would like to buy one or few  No, I don’t know and I don’t intend to buy any


According to the survey, 39% of the respondents have heard about the books published by U-Theatre but have never bought any; 30% of the respondents have not heard about these books but would like to buy one or a few. This speaks of the popularity of U-Theatre’s works and publications. With more promotional campaigns in conjunction with performances, the books on U-Theatre’s creative philosophy are likely to gain more traction.

Q7. How do you find out U-Theatre’s performances and activities? (Please select one)                                

Internet  Newspapers and magazines  TV  Radio  Friends and relatives 
kept informed on a long term basis


The survey reveals that the word of mouth between friends and family accounts for 26% of the publicity. This is followed by the Internet (25%), newspapers and magazines (23%), TV (15%) and radio (8%). Most of the supporters are young people, probably a result of U-Theatre’s efforts over recent years in the training and education to pass on the heritage.

Q8. Will you come back for more of U-Theatre’s performances?

Yes  No


The result is hardly surprising that 92% of the respondents will return for other works by U-Theatre. Those not coming back (8%) are probably with young children or seniors at home who cannot sit for long hours. U-Theatre has gained popularity with unique performances that combine percussion practice, contemporary dance, Taichi, traditional martial art and meditation.

Q9. Do you think there are sufficient support and resources available to cultural and traditional art events in Taiwan?

Yes  No


The survey indicates that 64% of the respondents do not think there is sufficient support or resource available to cultural and traditional art events. Although the central government has been promoting art and culture over recent years and U-Theatre received the first year of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Presidential Innovation Award, there are limited resources and subsidies. We hope the survey results can serve as a reference for competent authorities so that they can address these issues.

Pictures from Questionnaire Survey: Young Field Researchers of Thunder King of Drums

Field Researchers of Thunder King of Drums


Survey Conclusions

Our survey shows that there is still much to do to promote U-Theatre, a performing group with an international reputation. Whilst 58% of the respondents are kept up to date about U-Theatre, 42% of them have no idea. U-Theatre should step up their promotion for new events. Most of the questionnaire respondents were there for help young and little performers and performers from Taipei Jingwen High School. The publicity and promotion campaigns for the support to the disadvantaged groups should reach out to a wider audience. U-Theatre remains committed to their giving back to the society. They spread their love with the Cloud-on-the-feet Trekking project and visit a total of 11 prisons and corrections centers in the western Taiwan this year. They will also work with the inmate drummers at Changhua Prison to tour around Taiwan by staging the classic productions of U-Theatre. It is hoped that Thunder King of Drums can send out love and positive forces of U-Theatre with the powerful drum beats.


Questionnaire Survey

Photo credit: Thunder King of Drums