Making a great drum

As the saying goes, "We must first sharpen the tools". All the wonderful melodies from the past to mow are produced by a good instrument. We have actually visited the two nationally renowned craftsmen in Taiwan. The following is what we have understood.

Xiangrenhe Drum

Xiangrenhe Drum Factory was founded by Kui-chih Wang, and was run by his son Xi-kun Wang, who said that his father believed doing business with others should be polite. "Xiangrenhe", started as a homophone of “Renhe”. In 1924, it began to make suona and later the drum. To now, it has a history of more than 50 years. The national treasure-level craftsmen of Taiwan drum industry, Mr. Xi-kun Wang did not want the industry his father laid to disappear, so he decided to inherit his father's skills of making drum.

The most important factor for Mr. Xi-kun Wang, the master of keeping the art with century to step into the international stage is "attitude". Because the drums are all hand-made, it is not only attitude, but a concept that is kept in the adjustment process. If the attitude is not good, things cannot be done well. This is the so-called "staff" attitude. This adherence founds the basis for Xiangrenhe's international status. The customers from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and places of Europe and America all come here.

Xiangrenhe drum is in Hsin Chuang, New Taipei City. Therefore, "2015 New Taipei City International Drum Festival" is held in Hsin Chuang of New Taipei City on the basis of the internationally famous "Xiangrenhe [drum]". The first show is especially for children who love music, which is planned as a "Ju Percussion Group- Parent-children concert" to accompany children and offer am amazing drum show. The second show invites "DoodRock Percussion Orchestra" from Korea, combining tradition and modernity, rock and roll, jazz, dance to show a comic and striking performance. The strong percussion almost raise the floor off, so public friends are warmly welcomed to the joy. In addition to the stage performance, it also has static exhibition of "Xiangrenhe drum culture exhibition".

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Ching Shi Lin Drum

Unlike the ancient history of the drums, Mr. Chi-hsiang Chang, who had been working for the rest of his life stopped his work. The reason was shortage of raw materials and high cost. At the invitation by Ten-Drum Mr. Hsieh, Mr. Chi-hsiang Chang was responsible for the development of innovative drum systems called "Ching Shi Lin Drum manufacturer " in Ten-Drum Cultural Village. Everything is customized, what kind of drum customers want, I'll do it for him" Mr.Chi-hsiang Chang said, "Every time I make drum, I feel fresh, and I don't think this job is boring".

In the process of our visit, Mr. Chang personally tour. He described the process from the selection of wood, the choice of drum skin, to the tuning drum system.  At the same time, he let us actually experience how to make drums. By the national treasure-level production and interpretation of the master scene, we realize that the system drum culture is profound. And we cannot understand the essence within a tour of one or two days.

In the Mr. Chang years, Ching Shi Lin Drum Manufacturer had developed more possibilities. Ten-Drum Culture Village had planned drum experience classrooms. In addition to let people learn and experience interesting, it opens 5 percussion performances every day, making people also can enjoy the splendid program in the play. These drums, of course, are also produced by Mr. Chang of Ching Shi Lin Drum Manufacturer.

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