About U-Theatre performers

Ruo-Yu Liu and Chih-Chun Huang are the master souls of U-Theatre and a famous couple in the circle of art. Ruo-Yu Liu is a director and an artistic director who is also an active and experienced Theatre leader. While Chih-Chun Huang is the principal performer, composer, and artistic as simple and quiet like an eminent monk. Over the past two decades, they led U-Theatre to march toward the international stage.

Ruo-Yu Liu , the Artistic Director of U-Theatre

Ruo-Yu Liu was born in Maoyi Second Village, Hsinchu. Her father is a Recreation Officer in the army. Influenced by him, she loved performing at stage since childhood. She graduated from the Division of Chinese Theatre, Department of Theatre Arts, Chinese Culture University. In 1984, she obtained the master's degree of Theatre Arts of New York University. She is the founder of U-Theatre and now serves as an artistic director.

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Ruo-Yu Liu became famous since university for the drama of "He Zhu Xin Pei". She was the hottest actress of Lan Ling Theatre Workshop and received the Golden Bell Award for the children's program she hosted in Taiwan. With brilliant future waiting for her, she resolutely decided to pursue her study in America. She met Mr. Grotowski who exerted a great influence on her and made her decide to establish Environmental Theatre,bring the training method for actors of Poor Theatre back to Taiwan, and established "Laoquanshan Theatre" in Muzha, Taipei.

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Chih-Chun Huang, the Music Director of U-Theatre

Chih-Chun Huang is a composer and actor and serves as the music director of U-Theatre. Born in Malaysia, he started to learn percussion since six and became an apprentice to a master to learn martial arts in China since ten. At the age of 17, he entered Taiwan College of Physical Education to learn martial arts. After graduation, he entered Taipei Folk Dance Theatre and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and performed in many countries in Europe, Africa, and America.

Photo credit: http://utheatre.glis.ntnu.edu.tw/
Photo credit: http://utheatre.glis.ntnu.edu.tw/

In 1993, he travelled to India for the first time to learn meditation and the wisdom of "living in the moment". Since then, he fell in love with India and Tibet. And his travel there turned into practice. In the same year, he was introduced by Ruo-Yu Liu to take the post of "drum instructor" of U-Theatre. With the method of " meditation first and then learning percussion" and together with Ruo-Yu Liu, he created the performance training system of U-Theatre and laid the foundation of performance forms integrating percussion with martial arts of U-Theatre.

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