Essential factors for study plan We researched how the plan can correspond to the targets and goals of CyberFair

Liu Yuan Church, posing a far-reaching impact on Taiwan, is a perfect testimony to the history of Taichung City. In 2002, Liu Yuan Church was officially recognized as a "historic building" by the Taichung City Government.

School CyberFair hope that we can understand the historical heritage and changes of local communities via studying local historical sites. Through making the website of Liu Yuan Church, we explore and record the forgotten history of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, hoping that more people around the world will understand the building of Liu Yuan Church as well as the struggle of Christians of Presbyterian Church.

How do we play the role of ambassador or spokesman of School CyberFair by internet or personal contact?

We utilize the Internet and visit the ministers and representative elders of Liu Yuan Church. We also make a film for the building and history of Liu Yuan Church to play the role ambassador or spokesman of School CyberFair.

What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?

Items usage provider
Table computer Website making, information gathering, video editing, diagram making school, all members
Cellphone member contacting, recording, contacting and investigating all members
Camera on-site filming, interviewing school, all members
Recorder recording interview conversation all members
USB saving internet information, photos all members
Photocopy machine copy all document needed school

Items usage provider
Adobe Dreamweaver website making school
Little painter Picture making, editing school, all members
Photo impact animation making school all members
Facebook members contact, information sharing all members
Microsoft Word2010 website writing school, all members
Google cloud information saving, sharing files school, all members
Google Doc editing information Google cloud
Window XP¡BWindow8 computer system chool, all members

How has our research affected and influenced us?

We faced many difficulties during the process of making the website of ¡§Liu Yuan Church¡¨. We high school students didn¡¦t have much understanding about Presbyterianism before the interview. Besides, our ability and logical thinking weren¡¦t adequate enough during the period of collection information, because the information we collected was not sufficient and. So we didn¡¦t know how to complete an appropriate interview. After several meetings with our teammates and instructor, our ability to solve different problems improved, and the ability to analyze information advanced as well. The opportunity to participate in this program indeed benefited us immensely.

How did local members of the church provide assistance to us in this project?

Many thanks to the elders of Presbyterian Church for introducing passionately the history of Liu Yuan Church to us when knowing that we are going to have the interview. They attentively provided us many documents and explained the difference in architecture between new churches and old churches in detail. With their help, we probe into the precious history of Liu Yuan Church and our city.

llectual property rights and descriptors quotes

In the production process, we sincerely respect intellectual property rights, noting the source and hyperlink of every reference. The text of the webpage is written by the interviewees. The photos used in the Web pages are personally shot by our team.

Use different methods to communicate with people concerned¡H

We use telephone, social software, and physical interviews to communicate. We also learned about telephone etiquette, time management, and interviewing skills. In the beginning , we only followed the fixed questions, but found that this method was too superficial. Later we gradually learn critical thinking and rearrange our question according to the answers of the interviewees. Eventually we could see the research more thoroughly.

Discover and Lessons

"Learning by doing" is the biggest lesson we have learned. The team members have cooperated with each other with enthusiasm. Although their abilities are not perfect, there are also much space for us to desire. But we eventually learn the skills of communication and time management, successfully completing the demanding task.