The category of visiting the CyberFair:The local historical monuments

Description of the local community

The central district is the origin of downtown Taichung, and is also the location of the earliest business area in Taichung. Smaller than 1 square kilometer, central district has the highest population density and is the smallest directly in Taichung. Liu Yuan Church is located in this area, which is full of heritage and Cultures.

Project narrative

Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world, Taiwan with diverse cultures owns many distinguished and historical churches. Liu Yuan Church is one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in Taichung region. It also fuses Chinese and Western culture together. Therefore, we hope to know the Presbyterian church and understand Taiwan's culture more from the research.

Local description

Liu Yuan Church was built in 1916, but was called East Dadun in 1898, when People began to preach on the soil hut. Not until 1947 was it renamed Liu Yuan Church. Characterized by Gothic architecture and Chinese decoration, Liu Yuan Church was honored as one of the ten must-sees of Taichung City and was recognized as the historic building in 2002. From then on it began to be protected and preserved officially.

Project research overview

Through this project, we walked into the historic church, understanding more about the Presbyterian church and having an new idea on what Taiwan looked like.

Our internet resources

Besides using schoolˇ¦s computer and fiber optic network to discuss and collect information about this project during elective course, we also use communication software, such as LINE and Messenger to communicate with each other.

Problems we have overcome

ˇ]1ˇ^Communication: we gear up to share works and personally consult professional people concerned.

ˇ]2ˇ^Information collection: The search and collection of data are mainly based on network, so when interviewing the professionals, we need to make sure the reliability of the information.

ˇ]3ˇ^Web page making: We made pretty much mistakes in the beginning of the project, meanwhile, we learned a lot as well.

Experiences and goals

Although there were some problems of uneven distribution of task loading and other issues during the web page production process, through mutual assistance between peers, the problems were eventually solved. This is a valuable lesson that we cannot learn from classes. We learned how to produce a web page, cooperation between teammates, the ability to solve problems, sorting information efficiently, and the etiquette when interviewing professionals.