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Questions about subscribing

  • Q1、Could you describe the history of Liu Yuan Church?
    Ans: Liu Yuan was established after Presbyterian Church spread in Taichung. It is one of the most ancient churches in Taichung. The Liu Yuan historic chapel was officially designated as historic architecture by Taichung city government in 2002/7/1, and left a perfect symbol for Taichung’s church history. #Close#
  • Q2、We can see buildings in Liu Yuan are the combination of many elements, such as Goethe, Baroque, Chinese windows. Why is the buildings full of many elements?
    Ans: The church has gone through different eras, so there must be some places needing repairing. Besides, as time passed, someBaroque and Chinese styled windows are also added. #Close#
  • Q3、Do you think there’s any different reason except the ancient history that made Liu Yuan Church the 6th scenery of the historic sites in Taichung?
    Ans:Our church has a strong style of Goethe and Baroque, and it was the difference between Liu Yuan and other churches. #Close#
  • Q4、Is there any activity to be held to attract more people to Liu Yuan?
    Ans:There are a lot of activities including handchime team, chant team, choir, and so on. We welcome everyone to join us and we hope we can develop more multiple activities. #Close#
  • Q5、May you share the purpose of your church?
    Ans:Church is a place to provide people peace and harmony. Hopefully, people can rely on the church. Whether people are annoyed, upset, or happy, they can share their mood and feeling with the church. #Close#
  • Q6、Which part of the church do you think the biggest feature is?
    Ans:First is absolutely our ancient history, and the second one is that our church imported an organ in the 100 anniversary of establishment. It’s really an outstanding point in modern churches. #Close#
  • Q7、 Are there more members attending Liu Yuan Church now?
    Ans: In the past, church always used Taiwanese to spread the religion, so youngsters refused to come because of it. But there are both Chinese and Taiwanese worship currently ,and we provide more time for people. Meanwhile, it attracts more different groups of people to come, including housewives, retired elders, students, so the number is increasing.   #Close#
  • Q8、We’ve searched for some information and found that the Chinese worship has added some modern elements such as electric guitars, modern drums while singing poems. How did the idea come out?
    Ans:Because most of the attendees of Chinese worship are youngster, we hope to appeal to more people by mixing some modern elements. #Close#
  • Q9、What does church mean to you?
    Ans:To me, the church is a place that can let me rely my mind on. It’s just like my home. I spend pretty much energy and time for the church and I hope it can be better. #Close#
  • Q10、May you express your expectation for Liu Yuan Church?
    Ans:I hope that the church can run forever and spread out Christ’s love. Also, I hope more people can come here to get God’s love.#Close#