The first interview

At first, we had no idea what Liu Yuan Church was, but after our teacher’s introduction, we started to have more understanding of Liu Yuan Church. Before visiting it, we had already done some research on the Internet, and made a Q&A. However, when we arrived there, we found that the questions were not well-prepared. As a result,when the chaplains were introducing us the detail of the church, we continuously racked our brain to seek for other questions. We finally finished our first interview.

Although we weren't fully prepared, we finally got a rough profile of Liu Yuan Church.

The second interview

This time, we participated in the Taiwanese worship ceremony ,and experienced the entire process. We gained more understanding toward Christianity.Although we didn’t understand some dialect in the process, had only vague ideas,and wasn't familiar with their etiquette,we still sensed the peace and the tranquility of Christianity.

After the ceremony, we interviewed another Elder Ho, and acquired more information that we didn't have before.

The third interview

This time we participated in the worship in Mandarin . Before the ceremony, we interviewed Rev Chen about the details of the architecture and activities of the church. After the ceremony ended, we took some last shoots of the documents of the church.