Hsiao Shan Fong

I’ve learned a lot and also shown my ability in this project.

I was familiar with interviewing, drafting, and editing but after I join the program at school, everything is different. I need to learn more deeply and look for a large amount of documents to complete a good article. Research articles were always not my type because I thought it takes time and to look up a bunch of information. Not until I’ve participated in this project I found that it could be a lot of fun. Although our project had a little bit delayed owing to the winter vacation, we still made it. And after the program I get in touch with more people and learn more knowledge.

Yu Fang Chen

As a citizen in this city, I don’t know so much history about it. However, after visiting the historic church, I know more deeply about it. I feel honored about our city after interviewing many great people serving the church. All in all, to attend the research is really a worthwhile journey. I appreciate the program and learn more than I expected.

Yu Ting Chiu

At the beginning of the Cyber Fair, I thought it was as easy as how we did projects as school. I found that I was wrong when I actually began to do. Cyber Fair took time and energy. Except searching information on the internet, we also needed to go field visits. Before visiting, we had to do some preparation, and after visiting, we had to sort up all the information.

Though we argued a little in the process, we still complete the website after some discussion, reconciliation. Meanwhile, our relation got more stable. As soon as we finished the project, my heart was filled with a lot of satisfaction and the sense of achievement.

During the process, I’ve learned a lot containing knowledge of website making, art editing, drafting, etc. Above all, I know my city more. The valuable program brought me a really particular experience and n unforgettable memory of my life.

Pin Yi Su

Everything was not easy from the beginning, including recruiting teammates, setting our theme, preparation, and three times of interview. We spent a lot of time and energy on the project.

I became more responsible due to the cooperation this time as a team leader. I had to not only deal with my own work but also check the website very often, reminded my teammates of their work, kept in touch with teachers, and so on. Besides my responsibility, the bigger challenge for me was to do Chinese articles. I realized that my poor Chinese could make me feel frustrated while drafting, but thanks to my teachers and teammates’ encouragement, I still finished my work finally.

Many thanks to my teachers and teammates’ assistance, I am proud and happy to see our website grow out of nothing and expand from small to large. The competition gave me a really wonderful memory in my high school life.

Yu Ting Fu

We had class about Cyber Fair in grade 10. We saw some previous award websites. I thought they’re so good and I found it cool to make my own website. Then I got the invitation to join the project, I said yes without any thinking. But not until I started to get busy with the work did I realize it’s tiring and the process was hard.

We invited elder Jhuo to introduce the history of Presbyterian Church. I could handle it pretty well because of the interview training in my school club. Elder Jhuo introduced the features of the church one by one, and I felt it’s really amazing and shocking.

After the interview, the most difficult job was to sort up all the information and search for related documents. Presbyterian Church has a long story, so there’s a large amount of information absolutely.

I not only learned the history of churches in Taiwan, but also got many skills and much knowledge. I thought the most important part was to cooperate well. Each of my teammates was hard-working, so that we could make our dream and idea come true. Whether we would get prize or not, I think the most valuable harvest was the process.

Chi Pei Chang

I’ve learned a lot not only the skills to set up a website and sort up information but also time management and team cooperation.

As I look back, I’ve never thought I could set up my own website. We met a lot of difficulties, but thanks to assistance from my teachers and teammates, I accomplished such a hard but awesome work. Sometimes I had to sacrifice my class time, but I got experiences I couldn't learn from textbooks.

Thanks to the project, I discovered there’s such a beautiful place in Taichung. Through few times of interviews, I discovered the historic site of Taichung. Moreover, I realized the history and culture behind it.

Bang Yu He

To me it's an unforgettable experience because literally i have not much knowledge about Catholic because i'm in an nonreligious family even though i went stella matutina(a famous catholic private school) in middle school but i'm glad i've participate because through this, i got to know a lot more about the christian community ,proper nouns, knowledge about architecture and history. and the most important thing is that this whole project trained my sense of responsibility because i was later in charge of split the works for the other people in the translating squad, i would have to remember to check my mail routinely and i wouldn't have done this so smoothly without helps from another senior.

Yan Ling Lin

The process of translating the website is honestly quite hard for me because of the proper nouns for the church, and also, I knew nothing about Presbyterian Church, worship, Seminary or anything about Christian before I joined the translating squad. But, on the other hand, I learnt so much during the work, not just increasing the vocabulary I know, but knowledge. I'm a lover of all kinds of history, but, I've never know that, there are so many stories behind founding a church, or just to preach, I actually felt so touched after translating the website, all in a sentence, I learnt so much by working on the translation work. And I'm so grateful for making the correct decision of joining the translating squad.

Yi Lin Song

Translating an Internet website is a whole new experience to me. Just thinking of my translation work of the article is going to be read by everyone, all pressure and stress come along. However, suitable stress makes people grow. In the process of translating the articles, I not only learned many new English vocabularies, but also further understood many history knowledge about Presbyterian Church’s dedications and deeds in Taiwan, most important of all, I learned how to make the most of my limited time, and to do more works than others using fragmented time. I benefited much from participating in this project, I’m also really grateful for the school mate’s and teacher’s assistance.

Yi Syuan Bai

This is my first time to be a translator. At first,I didn't have any confident whether I am qualified for this mission.But I really enjoyed this process when I was translating .Although there are a lot of words that I have never met, but when I looked them up in the dictionary, I can continue learned new words.This is the way that can help me improve my English ability.

Teacher Chih Jen Huang

Liu Yuan Church was established since the early year of the Republic of China and was designated as a historic building. It’s an antique building covered with red bricks and roofed as dark green. Students in my school chose the church as the theme of the competition and it let them understand the history of Taiwan which related to the church. I believe that the participants have learned what they can’t learn from textbooks.

Teacher Chi Hua Tsai

It was nothing but a beautiful church, but after going through the program and interviews, students of Hui-Wen high school found it a church having deep relationship with Taiwan’s history.

Under the pressure of college entrance examination, students sacrificed their holidays to learn about the stories of the city and even made a website for it. It’s exhausting, while they gained knowledge, and learned to cooperate. How valuable the study trip is!