There are many different association activities for people who devote themselves to God to get together after the worship ceremony or during free time. They discuss different topics, study the Bible, compose poetry and sing psalms. There are elder’s association, women's association, family association, youth association and many others.

The women’s association

Gathering: 10:40 of the third Sunday of every month

Suitable for women to attend

The family association

Gathering: no specific time

Suitable for couples to attend

The elder’s association

Gathering: 10:40 of the second Sunday of every month

Suitable for members around 60 to 65 years old

The youngsters association

Gathering: 9:00 every Sunday

Suitable for junior and senior high school students to attend

Special activities: rite of passage for youngsters at the age of 18

The youth association

Gathering: 19:30 on every Friday

Suitable for youths around college

The hand chime association

Many people are attracted by the beauty of hand chime and then have further understanding of God. Many international hand chime troupes are invited to perform in Taichung by the church.

Worship praise group

Gathering: 6:30 to 10:00 every Saturday

Special activities: Serve Sunday school

Sunday school (children and adult Sunday school)

Gathering: (children) 9:00 every Sunday

(adult) 10:40 every Sunday

Suitable for adults and children

Special activities: celebration : Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas children Sunday service.

The choir

Gathering: 7:30 to 9:30 every Sunday

Special activities: Easter, Christmas, Sunday worship and praise, anniversary celebration, local reverend preaching, service and compose poetry.

Youngster choir

Three groups:

1.grade 1 to grade 4

2. grade 5 to grade 9

3.grade 10 to grade 12

Special activities: Celebration for Church and planning to perform 2 times outside of the church

University for elders

Established in September 1990

Class time: 9:00 to 12:00 every Tuesday and Wednesday

Class content : Philosophy of the Bible

Medical Lectures


Computer Science

Leisure Activities

Liu Yuan Church Weekly

The church also publishes “Liu Yuan Church Weekly” , where people can know all the activities and budget of the church.