Developing Process


Liu-Yuan church is one of the earliest churches founded in Taichung, and was built by the Presbyterian church preached in Taichung. Today, many Presbyterian churches in Taichung area were branched out from the Liu-Yuan church, and become the center where Taichung people passes gospels. In 2002, July 1, Liu-Yuan Church’s old chapel was officially designated as a "historic building" by the Taichung city government. It has left a perfect testimony for Taichung Christian preaching history. Its appearance is a fusion of Chinese and Western elements, decorated with elegant sculptures. All of the decorations were elaborated with a unique style.

1889 When Pan Kai-San was seeking help for his gunshot wound, his friend introduced him to doctor James Laidlaw Maxwell. On his way to Tainan, he stayed at his son in law, Pan Chun-Si’s house. Pan Kai-San was inspired by God’s blessing when he was in the course of the treatment. From then on, he often went to Datun (the old name of Taichung City) to visit his friends. They held regular meetings discussed the Bible and Christian gospel.

1895 Mr Ying, Campbell Naismith Moody and doctor Landsborough were sent to preach in the central Taiwan. They choose Changhua as the base, and often show care for Taichung.

In the early 1898 Campbell Moody gave a hundred dollars to Wu Zhao Xiang, and requested for a house and church setting. Soon after that, Campbell Moody received a rustic grass house located on Taichung Street (near the present church). Campbell Moody and several followers collaborated together to purchase the house.

May 8th, 1898 The first meeting and worship was held in an earth building, and was later named East Datun Sermon Place.

Two years after the church was built, Taisha Church designates presbyters to lead the worship on each Sunday. Because of the inconvenient traffic, they walked to the church, which was toilsome. In Chen Yo-Tao was designed to preach in the place in June1900.

In May 1901 hree presbyters and three deacons were chosen.

In October 1904 East Datun Sermon Place was upgraded to chapel, and was renamed as East Datun Sermon Chapel, and priest Lin Shui-Kun was designated as the chairman.

In October 1909 Because of the rapidly-increasing followers, although two houses had been purchased as chapels, the space still could not meet the need. Through effort made by the preachers and church members in addition to the sponsor 13,000 dollars form the British church, the church went into construction in December 1915, and was completed in October 1916. Campbell Moody offered Goethe-style architecture blueprint of British Church.

On March 6th 1917 A thanksgiving worship was held in the morning, and the inauguration of first priest Kao, was held in the afternoon. The church was renamed Taichung Church. The main focus of the meeting is to create fellowship spiritual life of believers.

1901 Sunday school and women association were established.

1912 The youth orchestra were established.

1919 A church primary school was established.

1928 A church choir was organized.

1932 The church youth association was established.

1940 A formal church kindergarten was established.

1980 The church elders association was founded.

Presbyterian Church holds the concept of evangelization as Christian’s top priority, therefore establishing Dali branch in 1899, Wuri branch in 1910, Wufeng branch in 1914, Xitun branch in 1922 and Daya branch in 1923. However, the last two were shut down due to the World War Two. Now, Liu-Yuan church is the main church in Middle Taiwan.

1957 Du-Xing branch church was founded in 1957.

1962 Trinity Christian church in 1962.

1971 Lebanon chapel was founded in 1971. Totally, there were 14 branch Churches in Taichung district in 1971.

1993 Daya branch church was established.


In July 2002 The old church was listed as one of the historical buildings in Taichung.