Red brick single house collocated with atrovirens tiles, attached with bedded structure, combining eastern and western style. Both sides of the front were decorated with cross and decorations, by which many non-churchgoers may pass.

Liu Yuan Church, which had existed since the Japanese Colonial Period, saved the original elements after five phases of construction. The following is a detailed description of the five phases of construction.

First Phase-1915

1915 A brick construction with attics was built in the original location. Meanwhile, a two-story pastor building was built behind it.

Jan 1918 Relocated the elementary school of“Changhua Church”to the location nowadays, priests and elders raised funds and purchased a 1000 square footage parcel for a brick construction with six rooms.

April 1919 The elementary school officially started. However, the school was shut down in 1921 under the orders of Japanese colonial government. The construction was later used for Sunday school classrooms. In the middle of the base was a grand open prairie square, which offers space for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as, sports day, sermons, etc. Diocese garden was full of trees, and on the right side of the church was a banyan shed, which was an outdoor space for members to social with each other.