Japanese Colonial era

Taiwan was ceded to Japan according to the Treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895 and began the history of Japanese Colonial Period. In the same year, the Presbyterian Church in both north and south Taiwan was involved in the misunderstanding and conflicts of Japan’s occupation, due to the slander , “Christians and Japanese soldiers have secret illicit intercourse.” The Christians of Matou and their families, friends, 19 in total, were murdered.

After the pain, both Presbyterian Churches in north and south gradually built good relation with Japan government, and the members of the Presbyterian Church also increased.

Then both Presbyterian Churches in north and south Taiwan founded “Taiwan General Assembly” in middle Taiwan on October 24, 1912, agreeing with the name of “Taiwan Presbyterian Church” and had a lot of contribution in the revision of church ceremony.

After Japan invaded China in 1937, Japan government tried to force Christians to support their policies. Teachers and students in the Presbyterian Church were even forced to make formal visits to Japanese shrines. Schools and hospitals of the Presbyterian Church were controlled, or were forced to close. After World War Two, both north and south Presbyterian Church were merged into one, called, “Taiwan Presbyterian Church Federation”.