Late Qing Dynasty

1865 Dr. James Laidlaw Maxwell started his medical care and missionary work at Tainan (the biggest city in Taiwan then) on June 16th.

1867 Pitou incident (Kaohsiung incident, a south city in Taiwan).

1868 Rebuilt the missionary base in Taianan, later known as the old base.

1872 Dr. George Leslie Mackay began his missionary work in northern Taiwan.

1876 Taiwan Preacher Training School (Tainan Seminary nowadays) was built.

1877 Pray Water Incident happened. Missionary works started in eastern Taiwan.

1879 The Mackay Hospital was founded.

1882 Oxford College (now Taiwan Seminary) was founded.

1884 Tamsui Girl's School (now Tamkang High School nowadays) was founded.

1885 "Taiwan Church News" published its first issue.

1886 Penghu’s missionary work started.

1891 Priest Gan Lin founded Taiwan Blind Education in Tainan.