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E-pay & E-receipt



_MG_9329(001) _MG_9327(001) _MG_9333(001) _MG_9330(001) _MG_9331(001) _MG_9332(001)
_MG_9328(002) To make payment methods easier and more convenient to foreign travelers, the Guanmiao service area also apply online third-party platform payment system, Alipay with e-receipt system. This e-pay method not only solves the problem of getting too much changes from each small amount of purchase, but also allows foreign shoppers to shop first and pay later if they don’t have enough cash with them. In addition, the use of e-receipt can significantly reduce the consumption of paper invo
ices and making shopping more environment friendly. The e-pay and e-recipt systmes create a lot more pleasant shopping experiences.

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Others Wed, 08 Feb 2017 02:09:18 +0000

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_MG_8784Freeway No.3, built from 1987 to 2004, with a total length of 431.5 kilometers, and there are three rest areas (small-scale, only providing several parking spaces, vending machines and toilets) and seven full-scale freeway service areas. Since the Guanmiao service area is at the southernmost, when heading north from it, the first two service stations along the freeway are the Xinhua rest area and the Dongshan service area. Both the Guanmiao and the Dongshan service areas are operated by “Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. Ltd. which provide unique and pleasant service experiences that attract nationwide visitors.





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Management Wed, 08 Feb 2017 02:08:33 +0000

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magenmentThe Guanmiao service area is currently operated by “Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. Ltd.” which is devoted to delivering high quality and a children’s fun freeway services to all travelers and visitors. The team sets “pineapple fun, childlike quality and merry Guanmiao” as the management goal and therefore it has created three theme pavilions within the service area in order to enrich visitor’s experiences, they are “Pineapple Story House”, “The Happy Farm” and a large “Children Play Area”. The bright, relaxed and fun space layout allows long-distance travelers not only to take a good coffee break but to enjoy some fun activities and be willing to visit here more often.

DSC08132_01 _MG_8052 _MG_8889

To align with dairy industry in Liouying township, the management of Guanmiao service area features “The Happy Farm” as its operation and service theme. At the entrance of the southbound service station, it has built pasture facilities and cow sculpture surrounded by bonsais and related banners to create relaxing and recreational atmosphere. At the northbound service area, there is a alpaca park where visitors could also visit and feed the cute and gentle alpaca family. Alpaca is popular among visitors. They not only attract more visitors to come and drop by the Guanmiao service area but also help increase the operation profitability.

TZ _MG_8792 _MG_8135


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Outdoor Facilities Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:10:19 +0000

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Outdoor Facilities



_MG_8877(001) _MG_9324(001) _MG_8883(001) _MG_8878(001) _MG_8874(001) _MG_8886(001)

In order to solve the national road with passers-by tight mood, but also to have a size can play a place, in addition to pineapple, alpaca these experience area, Guan Temple service area also set shooting machine, grasping dolls and even electric trains Amusement equipment, even in the South Station on the first floor, there is a whole area of children’s play area, so that children can enjoy here and do not have to worry about security; In addition to the North Station on the first floor, there is a very special “seed viewing area “Collect the seeds of the middle and south of the expressway and the adjacent areas, and install them in a transparent glass jar. The rows of rows are displayed on the wall, looking past, very beautiful and spectacular! If the general use of passers-by in the service area average rest 1 hour calculation, certainly in the temple service area is not enough to play and watch.



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Alpaca area Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:09:27 +0000

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Alpaca Area


_MG_8028 _MG_8062 _MG_8080

Tainan Liuying area has always been proud of the cucumber industry, so Guanmiao service area to create features, especially with the introduction of two agricultural and sideline industry a total of three alpacas, for visitors to use to watch. Every day a time to activities, three alpacas are particularly excited, but because of alpaca shy nature, to see too many people, they will feel uncomfortable, very interesting! At this time the children often hesitate to alpaca uneasy, a group rushed to go, is to touch the alpaca, and even the wrong place, touch the back of the alpaca or ass, so alpine angry to spit it!

_MG_8035 _MG_8954 _MG_9013(001)

At present, the alpaca has been pregnant, especially in the near future, successfully re-produced a small alpaca, so that the service area of the number of alpaca to four, both pairs, also become the service area of animals and people interact The best example.

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Pineapple Field Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:09:04 +0000

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Pineapple Field



Guanmiao District is the second largest pineapple production area in Taiwan. Guanmiao pineapples are famous for good quality and sweet tropical tastes. The Guanmiao service area is close to the Guanmiao residential area in Tainan city.

_MG_9298(001) _MG_9297(001)



And at its northbound service station, a small pineapple farm is created where people can see three popular varieties of pineapples, they are Pineapple No.2, No.3, and No.17. Over there, visitors can even walk down the farm and touch those pineapples. Though pineapples have rough skins and pointed leaves on top which make them unattractive looks, the yellow flesh inside truly amazes people by its sweet flavors and tender texture.

DSC08322(001) _MG_9308(001)

How to  Planting Pineapple


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DSC_3463(001) DSC_3474(001) DSC_3469(001) DSC_3476(001) DSC_3464(001)
In order to provide comfortable and healthy dining environmen
t, all the dining porcelain bowels and plates are washed and cleaned trough high temperature cleaning and sterilization. Unlik
e disposable tableware that might involve eco issues, porcelain one is more environment friendly, and thus, the service area insists on using it, though the disadvantages are that porcelain materials are more perishable and the cost are much higher.
wan1 _MG_9356(001)
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Specialty Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:02:12 +0000

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 People who travel on the freeway like to buy local specialties at the service area as gifts for their beloved friends and family. At the Guanmiao service area, there is a souvenir shopping area which provides a variety of popular local specialties from the southern Taiwan(especially from Tainan and Pingtung county). These specialties include pineapples and Guanmiao noodles from Guanmiao, sweet potato flavored products from Xinhua, peanuts from Yunlin, banana products from Qishan, onions and red beans from Pintung. Here also has a small farmer’s market which provides fresh, unprocessed farm produce from local small farmers, those products are also popular choices among consumers.  _MG_8848
_MG_8855 _MG_7994
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Café Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:01:26 +0000

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_MG_9345(001) _MG_9342(001) _MG_9340(001) DSC08364(001) _MG_9344(001) _MG_9346(001)
IMG_20170227_101643_STEREO The Guanmiao service area has a popular café and convenience stores that open 24 hours for travelers to take coffee breaks. What’s more, for people who starve for Taiwanese food and Thai food, the food court has them all and the menu also includes most popular local food such as steamed pork buns(xiaolongbao), pepper cakes and red bean cakes. These delicious food give the travelers energy to continue their trips. 


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