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E-pay & E-receipt


  E-pay & E-receipt   To make payment methods easier and more convenient to foreign travelers, the Guanmiao service area also apply online third-party platform payment system, Alipay with e-receipt system. This e-pay method not only solves the problem of getting too much changes from each small amount of purchase, but also allows foreign shoppers …

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Dining   In order to provide comfortable and healthy dining environmen t, all the dining porcelain bowels and plates are washed and cleaned trough high temperature cleaning and sterilization. Unlike disposable tableware that might involve eco issues, porcelain one is more environment friendly, and thus, the service area insists on using it, though the disadvantages are that porcelain …

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Specialty    People who travel on the freeway like to buy local specialties at the service area as gifts for their beloved friends and family. At the Guanmiao service area, there is a souvenir shopping area which provides a variety of popular local specialties from the southern Taiwan(especially from Tainan and Pingtung county). These specialties include …

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Café   The Guanmiao service area has a popular café and convenience stores that open 24 hours for travelers to take coffee breaks. What’s more, for people who starve for Taiwanese food and Thai food, the food court has them all and the menu also includes most popular local food such as steamed pork buns(xiaolongbao), …

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