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Others Freeway No.3, built from 1987 to 2004, with a total length of 431.5 kilometers, and there are three rest areas (small-scale, only providing several parking spaces, vending machines and toilets) and seven full-scale freeway service areas. Since the Guanmiao service area is at the southernmost, when heading north from it, the first two service …

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Management The Guanmiao service area is currently operated by “Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. Ltd.” which is devoted to delivering high quality and a children’s fun freeway services to all travelers and visitors. The team sets “pineapple fun, childlike quality and merry Guanmiao” as the management goal and therefore it has created three theme pavilions …

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Location The motorway was started in 1987 and opened in 2004 with a total length of 431.5 kilometers. There are three rest stops (smaller,only parking lots, vending machines and toilets, no large commodity outlets) and 7 large service areas. Which Guanmiao service area in the southernmost, from the north, will be through the new rest station …

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Community The Guanmiao service area features the theme of “the beauty of Tainan and Guanmiao tourism”. The dairy farming and the abundantly produced pineapples create unique local cultures and lifestyles of Guanmiao and therefore, at the service area, it is always fun to learn something new and interesting about Guanmiao. Guanmiao service area is surrounded by …

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History   The Guanmiao service area is located at 363km+785m of Freeway No.3, with a total area of about 22 hectares. Open in January 8, 2001, the service area provides both northbound and southbound freeway service stations connected by a skywalk pedestrian bridge. The two stations feature different interior designs, the pineapple theme park and …

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