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Design   Guanmiao service area is built on the hillside, and therefore the service building is designed into two floors to provide enough space for shops and offices. The driveways connected to the service station are divided into two,one for automobiles and the other for coaches, trailers and trucks, in order to improve the safety …

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Art   The exterior design of the service area building express the infusion of Chinese and Western architectural aesthetics. And inside the service area, it is full of natural and ecological ideas. In the northbound service station, there is a very special “seed wall” on which are arranged bottles containing more than 50 species of …

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Features   The northbound and southbound service stations are connected with a skywalk bridge that benefits goods delivery and visitors to experience the walk above the FreewayNo.3. This skywalk bridge, built with steel structures, pitched roofs and temple pillars, has several glass curtain walls that not only allows sunshines to come in and light up …

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Structure Trunk


Structure Trunk     The building of the Guanmiao service area features local art and cultures, with the bright color of brick red. Built from the idea of a Chinese temple roof, people could soon think of the Chinese name of this area ” Guammiao” when seeing the building. What’s more, the giant glass curtain …

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