magenmentThe Guanmiao service area is currently operated by “Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. Ltd.” which is devoted to delivering high quality and a children’s fun freeway services to all travelers and visitors. The team sets “pineapple fun, childlike quality and merry Guanmiao” as the management goal and therefore it has created three theme pavilions within the service area in order to enrich visitor’s experiences, they are “Pineapple Story House”, “The Happy Farm” and a large “Children Play Area”. The bright, relaxed and fun space layout allows long-distance travelers not only to take a good coffee break but to enjoy some fun activities and be willing to visit here more often.

To align with dairy industry in Liouying township, the management of Guanmiao service area features “The Happy Farm” as its operation and service theme. At the entrance of the southbound service station, it has built pasture facilities and cow sculpture surrounded by bonsais and related banners to create relaxing and recreational atmosphere. At the northbound service area, there is a alpaca park where visitors could also visit and feed the cute and gentle alpaca family. Alpaca is popular among visitors. They not only attract more visitors to come and drop by the Guanmiao service area but also help increase the operation profitability.