bossThis year is the third year of the text and the country to lead students to participate in the International School Network Expo competition, the purpose of participation is not just for the honor, but also hope that the students around the school’s cultural or futuristic characteristics have a better understanding, Slowly agree with his hometown, really like all the hometown, grew up after the heart is willing to do a division of effort. “Guanmiao service area” is very close to the school, from its external contact with the road, immediately to the text and the country can be said that the school is a good neighbor, but there are still school students are very strange to it, and even never been to the temple Service area, so the theme of this study, not only to students a good “open-minded”, but also a more in-depth understanding of the function and characteristics of Guan Temple service area, if the school has the opportunity to do with the community to do guided services Can be very confident to introduce this text and the country’s good neighbors.










HI, I am Nina. In this project, through interviews, searching on the Internet and filed trips, children have developed research knowledge and skills benefiting their learning and study about the Guanmiao service area. The more interesting facts they’ve found out, the stronger connections they have built with the locals and the land. It is believed that these learning experiences would not only enrich their current study but also their future life.





tsaiTsai Jinlong: Hello everyone! I am a teacher and a small teacher – Jinlong, just this group of children’s class teacher. I have learned a lot from the children’s fair at this time. The original area is not just a highway lounge area. It is also a combination of local agricultural products, local culture, architectural features, sightseeing spots and a full of fun Of the leisure attractions. Many of the service areas are cold for the children, but there are recreational areas, there are cartoon-style scenery, the most amazing is also cute alpacas. Every corner is full of playfulness everywhere, not just children like, but also aroused the adult innocence. This whole study down, we not only better understand the Guan Temple service area, but also in-depth understanding of our hometown.