Pineapple Field


Pineapple Field



Guanmiao District is the second largest pineapple production area in Taiwan. Guanmiao pineapples are famous for good quality and sweet tropical tastes. The Guanmiao service area is close to the Guanmiao residential area in Tainan city.



And at its northbound service station, a small pineapple farm is created where people can see three popular varieties of pineapples, they are Pineapple No.2, No.3, and No.17. Over there, visitors can even walk down the farm and touch those pineapples. Though pineapples have rough skins and pointed leaves on top which make them unattractive looks, the yellow flesh inside truly amazes people by its sweet flavors and tender texture.

How to  Planting Pineapple