Outdoor Facilities


Outdoor Facilities



In order to solve the national road with passers-by tight mood, but also to have a size can play a place, in addition to pineapple, alpaca these experience area, Guan Temple service area also set shooting machine, grasping dolls and even electric trains Amusement equipment, even in the South Station on the first floor, there is a whole area of children’s play area, so that children can enjoy here and do not have to worry about security; In addition to the North Station on the first floor, there is a very special “seed viewing area “Collect the seeds of the middle and south of the expressway and the adjacent areas, and install them in a transparent glass jar. The rows of rows are displayed on the wall, looking past, very beautiful and spectacular! If the general use of passers-by in the service area average rest 1 hour calculation, certainly in the temple service area is not enough to play and watch.