Tool and Technology


_MG_88361.In addition to smart phones, we use technology devices such as digital cameras, desktop computers, and Wi-Fi routers.

2.These digital tools can help us in doing research and recording interviews. Also, these tools are beneficial to gather and analyze statistics and information systematically.

3.By learning and understanding how to apply technology devices to solve problems, we have used these skills to define questions in this project and find out the answers effectively.





_MG_8809Some people in our community work at the Guanmiao Service Area, and there are a few of them who are parents of our students. Upon knowing the Guanmiao Service Area is chosen as the topic of this project, they are enthusiastic in providing relevant information and other necessary assistance without any hesitation. Wenhe teachers and students are really grateful and thankful to their warmth and kind help. As a result, we have done our best in this project and promised not to let them down.