_MG_87741 The Guanmiao service area is located at 363km+785m of Freeway No.3, with a total area of about 22 hectares. Open in January 8, 2001, the service area provides both northbound and southbound freeway service stations connected by a skywalk pedestrian bridge. The two stations feature different interior designs, the pineapple theme park and the local farm theme, both show the characters of Guanmiao in a relaxing, childlike fun and entertaining way. Guanmiao service area, one of the seven service areas of the Freeway No. 3., plays the important role as the southernmost guardian. For northbound travelers, Guanmiao service area is also the first service station. Currently, the service area is operated by Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co. Ltd. and includes two gas stations that allow drivers to refill fuel and clean windschields.

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