TZGuanmiao service area team: In this nearly three months of the visit process, very grateful to the Guanmiao service area and Nan Renhu management team support, when the students asked to visit the demand, always agreed and dedicated to respond, especially
Zeng Yuxiang director, in addition to carefully lead the text and team tour, and even enthusiastic explanation and access, so that the research team can get the right message, so this time to complete the ” Guanmiao service area” special study, to be particularly grateful to the former director Of the assistance and service area uncle, aunt who help.





DSC08230_01In addition to the temple service area of uncles
aunt, we also want to special thanks to Wang Liangjie teacher, he is to teach the school art school teacher, living near the school, listening to other teachers said that Wang’s daughter was also before reading And the country is small. In addition to teaching our seed art courses, Wang also took us to the plantation of the forest park next to the Kwan Temple service area, and explained it in detail, let us know more knowledge, learn more plant names and be able to identify them. Topic, let us on the service area around the plants can be successfully identified, and search for relevant information, increase the depth and breadth of the topic page, we really very grateful to the teacher Wang.