Alpaca area


Alpaca Area


Tainan Liuying area has always been proud of the cucumber industry, so Guanmiao service area to create features, especially with the introduction of two agricultural and sideline industry a total of three alpacas, for visitors to use to watch. Every day a time to activities, three alpacas are particularly excited, but because of alpaca shy nature, to see too many people, they will feel uncomfortable, very interesting! At this time the children often hesitate to alpaca uneasy, a group rushed to go, is to touch the alpaca, and even the wrong place, touch the back of the alpaca or ass, so alpine angry to spit it!

At present, the alpaca has been pregnant, especially in the near future, successfully re-produced a small alpaca, so that the service area of the number of alpaca to four, both pairs, also become the service area of animals and people interact The best example.