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Taipei - Character Leader
Taiwan (World) - Local Character Leader

Research topic:

Art Cultivator-Chairman Chew and his Hong-Gah Museum

Local community description


Beitou is one of the 12 administrative districts in Taipei. It has the Hot Springs Museum, the Beitou Museum, the Kaidagelan Cultural Center and the Hong-Gah Art Museum. It is a sacred place of humanities. The former two belong to the Taipei Municipal Government is a public museum, focusing on the history of Peitou hot springs and the promotion of Aboriginal culture. The latter two are private. Beitou Museum to visit the tea ceremony to be required to purchase tickets. And Hong-Gah Museum of Art is the father of Taiwan's semiconductor Chew Zai Xing establishment in the Daye Road Beitou in 1999. It is promotion of embroidery, video art and the spring and autumn of the cross-cutting performances of music performances, completely free to watch. It is more active investment community with the public, the school engaged in various public cultural activities, for the local community to provide professional quality of art appreciation of the environment, seeding art.


Music salon and the exhibition hall of the hardware and software facilities, not only to artists, musicians were the performance of the platform to stimulate the creation of continuous energy, thick arts and culture of Taiwan's talent cultivation foundation. But also by the activities to enhance the community's humanistic atmosphere, the arts will spread to the seeds of young students, a great contribution to community development. In Taiwan, private museums,get "South Chi Mei, North Hong-Gah " reputation. Therefore, the founder of Mr. Chew Zaixing was awarded the first prize of the first special award of the Wen Xin Hui in 1998. In 2006 and 2013 won the Wenjian Wenxin Award, in 2014 won the 18th Taipei Culture Award and other awards,in recognition of its national and social selfless dedication. His glorious deeds spirit, worthy of our affirmation and learning.

Outline of the project:


Mr.Chew Zaixing's share and unite to the promotion of art and culture is not easy to be praised in today's utilitarian society. So our school with its deeds as the theme of the page. First,through his interviews, books and web search related materials, invited teachers and students to give lectures and other activities so that all teachers and students can follow the will of the struggle and implement the spirit of the people at the grassroots level, From the correct outlook on life. Second,led teachers and students to participate in the Spring and Autumn Philharmonic Orchestra and Feng Jia Museum of Contemporary Performance video, embroidery and other art exhibitions to enhance aesthetic appreciation of taste.Third,With the guidance of Mr.Chew Zaixing and the Director of the Fengjia Art Museum, the students are engaged in the activities of video art and embroidery. The results are displayed in the school and the seeds of art and culture are planted in the young hearts.Fourth,through the website will be Mr.Chew Zaixing style and Feng Jia Museum of Art, Spring and Autumn music activities, to promote the country, and even the world, expect more people follow him, and jointly promote the arts and humanities, to make more pay, this point The accumulation of energy points, will gradually improve and enhance the quality of the people.

Main research methods:


(1)Through the network collection and library to borrow the relevant Mr.Chew Zaixing, Cultural Foundation, Feng Jia Museum of Art and the Spring and Autumn music-related information, and the book will be a way for students to understand life and promote the humanities and arts deeds.


(2)Write related issues, visit Mr.Chew Zaixing, and further to its people doing things, career development, art collection, promotion of humanities information, to supplement the existing books, the lack of network content.


(3)The teachers and students visited the embroidery exhibition and the international video art exhibition at the Feng Jia Art Museum. They were briefed by the staff of the museum and had a preliminary understanding of embroidery, painting and video art in mainland China and Taiwan.


(4)Enjoy the spring and autumn music salon contemporary music, teachers and students to enhance the temperament and grace.


(5)Mr.Chew Zaixing was invited to give lectures to all teachers and students. Through listening and interacting,to learned the importance of Mr.Chew's style and promotion of humanities and arts.


(6)Visit the artists, musicians,that helped by Mr.Chew ,to more in-depth understanding of Mr.Chew's contribution to the promotion of arts.


(7)Invited Teacher Xie Yu-chun personally taught students basic embroidery method, and personally produced by students in the school show results.


(8)Teacher Wang Meizhi to guide students to use the camera, mobile phones and other equipment, production of video art, performance to the students, vote for outstanding works.


(9)By using the questionnaire survey, the search for the activities of the views and satisfaction, as the basis for future improvements.

Our Internet environment:


The school has two computer classrooms, respectively, middle-grade and high-grade courses, in the experience of writing and web production, we can reserve high-grade computer classrooms to use. In the computer classroom, in addition to the production of web pages using the NAMO software, the other software we have learned before.

In addition to the computer classroom, the school has a computer and a single gun in each class, to facilitate our mutual sharing and discussion. In addition, we use the e-mail platform is applied to the school GOOGLE education platform, the transmission speed and capacity can make the information we need to transfer and online editing.

Problems We Had to Overcome :


(1)Attitude from shy to self-confidence


Some of the students who participated in the event were first exposed to Mr.Chew Zaixing and related artists and musicians. In particular, Mr. Chew Zaixing's age was the gap between his grandparents and his grandchildren. However, because of his approachable and funny conversation, The atmosphere is easy to visit a lot of students become confident and full of words fluent, and other access activities naturally become a capability to enhance the students ability to respond.


(2)Artistic cognition from unfamiliar to familiar


In last year's school held pottery, tea activities, students have been interested in the basic humanities and arts. However, this spring and autumn music, embroidery, painting, sculpture, video art, for students, is a strange field. However, in Mr.Chew Zaixing, Hong-gah Museum of the staff side of the explanation and personally implement, have a preliminary understanding, especially video art and mobile phones, computers are closely related to the students a high degree of interest, especially fruitful results.


(3)The division of labor from confusing to unambiguous


Web production team are distributed in the classes, different grades, set the discussion time to re-planning, when the case of poor coordination, the problem of excessive repetition, then the teacher involved in the guidance, the responsibility for attribution, so that the overall activities smoothly.


(4)Demonstration activities from resistance to initiative


Students at the beginning of the embroidery, video art ignorant to take the initiative to participate. The two of the demonstration activities, then Xie Yu Chun, Wang Meizhi teachers were carefully explained with the concept of mathematical space, its interesting, special, embroidery can be finished, as a gift to relatives and friends, even the original boy is very resistant Also competing to participate in demonstration activities. Especially the use of mobile phones, computers and other equipment to produce environmental protection, games, music theme of creative video art, but also to attract teachers and students of the envy of the eyes.


(5)Web page production from fragmented to integrated


The use of normal lunch break, holidays, the end of the winter and to create web pages, the use of the lessons learned in the software, the first production of photo editing and text layout, lunch break, the teacher to add special effects, animation and grammar courses and found that usually think of computer classes Very interesting, but too much content, still feel some pressure, but I hope we can create a beautiful page.

Our Project Sound Bite:


In 1998, Mr.Chew Zaixing was awarded the first special prize of the Wen-hsin Wen-hsin Award in 2006 and won the Wen-hsin Wen-hsin Award in 2006 and 2013, and won the 18th Taipei Culture Prize in 2014. It could be say in line with his performance. And the reason why there is such a success, is not accomplished overnight, but from the young that is difficult in the living environment to develop the spirit of perseverance. Has just had its "poverty is a blessing" understanding, laid the foundation for the success of their future career. In the process of development, better understanding of "resistance will be light," "the plight of life is the best time to shine.". Encounter twists and turns can turn the crisis of the total, and ultimately cause the cause of brilliant Tengda.,so called the "father of Taiwan Semiconductor". Former Chairman of Acer Mr. Shi Zhenrong, Mr. Song Gongyuan, Chairman of Guangbao, who was a colleague of Mr.Chew Zaixing, actually turned to aesthetic education to improve the atmosphere of the job, the establishment of Chew Zai Xing Culture and Education Foundation, Spring and Autumn Music, Hong-gah Museum of Art, to completely selfless as to promote the arts and humanities. He also said, "The work of promoting the arts needs a long time to accumulate, I hope to sow seeds, flames, inspire more people to participate, and this work in my lifetime, will continue to do so. The development process of "turning round" shows that the crux of life is not "starting point", but "turning point", especially the promotion of humanistic art, is worth learning.