For more than six months, we have received many help and assistance, thanks to Qiu again with Mr. willing to let us to him as the theme, making web pages. I would like to express my gratitude to Miss Su Qiqi, Director of Feng Jia Art Museum, Mr. Qiu Zaixing, Secretary of the Party, Ms. Chen Yi, Director of Beitou Civic Center and so on. They are willing to sacrifice rest time in their busy schedule, accept our visit and provide relevant materials. Thank you for your help in the English translation. Thank you, Mr. Zhang Wenkan, Director Xie Wenchun, for your help in teaching the website. Thank you very much for your guidance - Zhang Wanzhen, Lin Jia, Wu Yingxuan, Wang Meizhi and Wu. Wen Hong teacher, the use of holidays to accompany us around to visit, exploration, web pages, whenever we have doubts or difficulties, always timely lend a helping hand, let us be improved to complete this heavy responsibility.