How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair project support content standards, required coursework and curriculum requirements?


(1)Language :
To enhance our language proficiency by aggregating data, interviews and reports. In the interview, we have to design the design of the visit, pay attention to etiquette and attitude, in particular, to maintain a calm mood to fluent expression of the content required.

(2)Methmatics :
The use of mathematical space to calculate the concept of the lattice embroidery, the design of the symbol. Questionnaire survey statistics, and then use the computer teacher to teach our calc program, enter the data to complete the chart.

(3)Art and humanities :
This event is a visit to the Hong-Gah Art Museum, with the course to learn embroidery and video art production, stimulate students ingenuity and creativity, and strengthen the concept of life in the aesthetic, which show the results are impressive students imagination . Another in the production of web pages, in addition to editing photos, the beautiful layout should also make full use of the United States compiled technology, can play an effect.

(4)Computer skill :
Making web pages using computer software, drawing questionnaire charts, skilled in computer operating procedures, typing speed will progress, and from the web for the necessary information, web pages, photo editing, animation, but also enhance our life science and technology Ability, especially the use of the necessities of life mobile phones, computer creative arts, is the first time students experience for the first time.

(5)Society :
The production of this page, visit the Beitou Arts and Cultural Center (Hong Gah Museum), Beitou District, the New Year ceremony and other activities, to understand embroidery and push to historical allusions, an increase of many social areas of knowledge , Familiar with embroidery, sculpture development and history, and enhance their creative and local, cultural identity.

(6)General Activities :
In the web production process, every day, different activities, the activities of the responsible work to be due diligence, division of labor and cooperation efforts so as not to affect the progress, so the team spirit is very important; In addition, express their views, Respect each other is to let us this activity course biggest harvest, and interviews elders, to teachers and students demonstrate the results of activities, are in improving students' speech expression and comprehensive ability.


What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?


(1)Digital cameras--Access and experience activities, street photographs of the survey.
(2)Phone--Contact the visitor to be contacted.
(3)Computer system and Softwares: ( Windows、Office、IE、PhotoImpact、Namo Webeditor、PhotoCap)--To see his school winning entries Search for relevant information Experience reports and access to records of the order.
(4)Headset--Organize interviews and student interviews.
(5)Printer--Print the visit activity, the student's title, and the assignment table.
(6)DELL Computer--To do our homework and look up information.
(7)Recording pen--Interviews with students.
(8)E-MAIL (Google)--Biography to the teacher.


In what ways did your students act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.


Beitou District in the past Taiwan's "ceramic" reputation, together with a new generation of potters scattered here, and public and private museums, and therefore has a rich cultural foundation. Therefore, the school principals have to carry forward the arts and culture of the region for the post, each year to the development of local cultural themes in the main page. This year, we selected " Art Cultivator-Chairman Chew and his Hong-Gah Museum”.Get Mr.Chew Zai Xing agree, then the students into a group, were responsible for visits, visits, embroidery, video art and other activities and web pages, map search, borrowing tasks. Also invited to visit Mr.Chew Zaixing recommended artists and musicians and teachers to personally guide the embroidery, video art production, so that students combine theory and practice, a more profound understanding. The connotation of this activity, in order to follow Mr. Chew Zaixing fame and fortune, promote the arts and culture to improve the spirit of the people.


What has been or will be the impact of your project on your community?


The school and the Beitou District Office of Cultural Affairs and the Peitou Civic Center are closely linked, each year after the completion of the theme page, will be displayed in the Citizen Hall, so that people visit. The theme of this webpage is " Art Cultivator Chairman Chew and his Hong-Gah Museum ", which is the theme of the website. It is a good way for the public to understand and learn Mr. Chew Zaixing's style and visit the Hong-Gah Art Museum free of charge. In particular, the teachers and students of this school will plant the seeds of "loving humanity" after various visits and practical activities.


How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?


The website is made up of Mr.Chew Zaixing, Director of Hong-Gah Art Museum, Director of Beitou District Citizen's Hall and Cultural Affairs Department of Beitou District Office. He also provides information and assistance to visitors and other artists and musicians. Enthusiastic to provide the views of Chew Zai Xing, so that the results of this topic more substantial.


Respect intellectual property rights and citation instructions.


In the production process, we know not to download illegal music, pictures and articles, because it is illegal behavior, if you want to use, but also get the consent of the creator, can use, if our site to use Reference materials, but also indicate the source.
I think that wisdom is their own, knowledge can not be stolen, to rely on their own creation, I hope you have to understand the rights of intellectual property rights and the use of network information, so inadvertently violate the law.


Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises


(1)Found that Chew grandfather is a kind of elders
General wealthy businessmen always give people the feeling of distance, but after the contact grandfather, he and his grandfather, like his speech, humorous good to get along.

(2)Found that Qiu grandfather understands both technology and art
Now the famous Acer computer former chairman of the board was the grandfather of Chew's staff. Chew grandfather's computer knowledge is first-class, but Chew grandfather to help us explain the embroidery, and very professional, really a combination of technology and humanities of the elderly.

(3)Found Hong-Gah Museum of Art, Spring and Autumn music performances are free to enjoy
Taiwan Museum of the National Palace Museum, the National Concert Hall and other cultural institutions, are required to enjoy the tickets, however, Feng Jia Museum of Art, Spring and Autumn music played with the British museums, galleries are free to visit the same appreciation, but also for rest between pantry, which It is Mr.Chew Zaixing to promote arts and cultural activities of the intentions.

(4)Visitor of the Museum of Art , mostly the elderly and students
During the visit, visitors to the Museum of Art and the Spring and Autumn Annals, etc., were mostly elderly people. Most of the students were young and they go back to inform their parents about their free visit and meaningful activities.

(5)Found the students to be patient and imaginative
The embroidery activities, the students have overcome the personality of flat agile, stitch a line of patiently complete their work, especially video art, are required to shoot hundreds of pictures can be produced beyond the imagination of the animation, the teachers are Praise the students' imagination is extraordinary.

(6)Found in Hungary embroidery known
In this activity, the school invited a Hungarian foreign friends to introduce the country's customs, from his speech was informed that the Hungarian embroidery world famous, is the mainstay of life, and Hong-gah art museum works of art are different, each have their own characteristics .

(7)Surprise Hong-Gah Art Museum embroidery works collection in the world
Hong-Gah Art Museum's rich collection of works, including landscape painting, oil painting, sculpture, but in which the two sides of the Strait embroidery for the most, each work are lifelike, but also full-embroidered double-sided, is really praise, one The biggest thing is that the time and effort of the "Flying Teng Peach Blossoms" in Kowloon is really impressive and admires their patience and spirit.

(8)Surprise There are many international artists to participate in the activities of the Hong-Gah Museum
We are visiting the Hong-Gah Art Museum in 2016. Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (Negative Horizon) in 2016 countries including Canada, Indonesia, Israel, the United States, Spain and other countries participated in the activities of their artists and traditional painting, sculpture, Calligraphy and so on are very different, because Mr. Chew is specialized in science and technology, he will be electronic equipment and art, really make us an eye-opener.

(9)Surprised at cell phone can also play the art
After visiting the international video art activities, we have made use of cameras and mobile phones to make films. The school has also set off a trend of playing mobile phones and produced many surprising works and held appraisal activities. Selected students of outstanding works, students buried in the heart of the seeds of video art.

(10)Surprised students can also be embroidered
In the museum visit embroidery collection, and the museum side staff carefully explained, students also have an interest in embroidery, under the guidance of the teacher's explanation, the students can stitch to make their own works, did not expect often in the costume drama Princess Princess and other roles in the daughter room embroidery, we also personally experience such a scene, really surprised, both men and women have completed their work, really admire the students learning.

(11)Surprised that the Hong-Gah Museum, Spring and Autumn music performances of artists, musicians of all ages have
Appreciate the international video art, music salon, although the author has all ages, and have been successful, I think they should be grateful to Mr. Qiu Zaixin hosted by the Cultural and Educational Foundation, to show them the stage, in time to them Will become the Taiwan arts and cultural circles of everyone.

(12)Surprised at Hong-Gah Art Museum will be Taiwan to the world
Every two years the international video exhibition, the number of exhibitors to the world for the pieces, each up to hundreds of pieces, the preferred works in October at the Feng Jia Museum of Art exhibition, not only art and cultural roots community, Taiwan, Taiwan Soft power and image to the international promotion, no wonder that Mr. Qiu Zaixing can be awarded the Government several awards, can be described as deserved. But also worthy of his theme for the production of international web pages, to the country, the world, to promote his selfless dedication of the spirit of arts, arts and culture to improve the atmosphere, can really make the wind toward the direction of development.