Qiu Zai Xing Cultural and Educational Foundation

Foundation of Qiu Zai Xing Culture and Education Foundation was established in 1991 under the advice of Prof. Ma Shilong. In the early years, the "Spring and Autumn Annals" set the stage for Taiwan's music creators. After years of deep plowing efforts have finally been recognized by the community, in 1998 was awarded the first session of the text will be Wenhui Special Award award. Mr. Qiu Zaixing, Chairman of the Board, is also looking forward to promoting the combination of music and visual arts in order to take root in the community and to foster the creation of the Fengjia Art Museum.

Hong-gah Museum

After the establishment of the Culture and Education Foundation in 1991, Qiu Zai Xing Foundation, in addition to actively promoting the Spring and Autumn Music Festival to encourage the professional development of domestic creative talents, and then in 1999 to set up a Museum of art, to exhibitions, promotional activities and cross- For the masses in the community to mention the quality of art appreciation of the environment, seeding art. Since its opening, the museum has been officially listed as a member of the local cultural center of the Ministry of Culture in 2003, and has won several awards for the Wen Xin Award and the Taipei Culture Prize.
In addition to continuing educational programs and lectures, Fungkia Art Museum has been actively promoting community aesthetics education. Besides, it has also used gallery space as a platform for exhibition of contemporary art. It regularly plans thematic exhibitions such as the biennial exhibitions Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition and domestic and foreign artists solo exhibition. Feng Jia Art Museum hopes to become the starting point of the development of art deep plowing, and by promoting the development of community culture, enhance the public's spiritual life, to show the community humane cultural style.

Source:Hong-gah Museum